Alexi Lalas Had a Great Idea: Mexico Should Hire Bob Bradley

Alexi Lalas Had a Great Idea: Mexico Should Hire Bob Bradley


Alexi Lalas Had a Great Idea: Mexico Should Hire Bob Bradley


Every now and then an idea rolls around that’s so genius, so on-the-money that you wish you thought of it and leaves you angry and jealous like a modern day Salieri.

Rumors swirled Thursday that the Mexican National Team had fired coach Víctor Manuel Vucetich, meaning the team would have four different coaches in a span of a month. As of yet the news isn’t confirmed or official. Vucetich is still in charge.

In light of this, ESPN soccer analyst Alexi Lalas might have come up with the best idea in a long time, Mexico should hire Bob Bradley.

Lalas likes to stir the pot on Twitter and tries to be provocative, but this time he wrote he was “dead serious.” Let’s hope he was because it’s a seriously brilliant idea.

We can all speculate how much Graham Zusi’s goal vs. Panama — which kept Mexico alive for the 2014 World Cup — will change the aspects of the rivalry, but imagine how crazy it would be if Bradley coached El Tri? It would be a complete game-changer.

Chances are this never happens, granted Mexico did once turn to Sven-Göran Eriksson so you just never know.

The one thing Mexico seems to lack, looking from afar, is leadership and direction. The team seems completely disorganized and disinterested. There is little, if any bite, in the team which seemed resigned to its fate until Zusi’s TARP-level bailout on Tuesday.

Say whatever you will about Bradley as a coach, but he’s an organized, meticulous worker and that would help Mexico right now. Bradley lead Egypt to the brink of the World Cup through unparalleled domestic turmoil, until losing to Ghana 6-1 earlier this week in a playoff which will likely spell the end of his time in Cairo.

On top of that you have the whole professional wrestling face/heel aspect should this ever come to fruition.

It would be amazing to see Bradley go South of the Border looking for redemption. What better way to stick it to all the critics in America who never cut him any slack than taking Mexico and whipping them back into shape. Imagine the promo possibilities.

“YOU SICK JERKS NEVER APPRECIATED ME. ALL YOU WANT TO DO IS BRING UP RICARDO CLARK AND JONATHAN BORNSTEIN! WHAT THE HELL DID YOU PEOPLE WANT? WHO BEAT SPAIN? ME! WHAT ABOUT ME? WHAT ABOUT BOB!” (Then in my dark, twisted mind Bradley delivers a stinky leg drop on Randy Savage/Sacha Klejstan and leaves the ring.)

The possibilities are endless. This idea is so good it means it will never, ever happen.

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