NFL Pigskin Pigsplosion Picks & Cheerleader Gifs

NFL Pigskin Pigsplosion Picks & Cheerleader Gifs


NFL Pigskin Pigsplosion Picks & Cheerleader Gifs

Image (1) pigsplosion2.png for post 66075So about last week… Sorry. Planned to finish it on Sunday, but instead completely forgot and ended up at the bar. I’m sure Lisk hit all the upsets though.

Lisk: Wait, Pigsplosion did not run last week, after those 15 minutes that I spent thinking about and making picks? (Checks picks in drafts). Of course I went 9-5 while picking the Bills, Colts, Bengals, Redskins, and Jets. I assume this is revenge for the Pitch Perfect jokes.

Last Week: Lost in the stars!
Overall: Lisk is in charge of adding all the numbers!

49ers (-17) @ Jaguars
Lisk: The NFL strategy of promoting football in London by sending the Jaguars for multiple games seems promising (Jaguars)

CRM: So this is a 1 o’clock game in London which makes it a 6 o’clock game while both teams usually play at 1 o’clock but in different time zones. Advantage? ‘Merica! (Niners)


Cowboys (+3) @ Lions
Lisk: Fact: Dez Bryant’s numbers are even better than Roy Williams’ at this point in their careers. (Cowboys)

CRM: Fact: /waves at cheerleader (Cowboys)

Giants (+6) @ Eagles
Lisk: The last time the Eagles won a home game was against the Giants, last September 30th (Giants)

CRM: The last time the Giants won a game was October 21st. (Eagles)

Browns (+9) @ Kansas City
Lisk: Jason Campbell will set a Guinness record for check down attempts at Arrowhead this weekend (Chiefs)

CRM: Peyton Hillis was the Giants leading rusher with 36 yards on 18 carries last week. His 2010 season with the Browns remains one of the most inexplicable things ever to happen to the sport of football. (Browns)


Bills (+11.5) @ Saints
Lisk: Mario Williams has been having a huge year, including destroying Tannehill in the fourth quarter last week. If Bills have a chance, it will be because of defensive front (Bills).

CRM: Did you know the Bills are the only team besides the Broncos who have scored 20+ points in every game this season? That was a question at trivia this week. No one got it. (Bills)

Dolphins (+7) @ Patriots
Lisk: I feel sorry for Boston sports. First, losing a game on a made up penalty then losing a World Series game. This city needs to catch a break. (Dolphins)

CRM: When we find out that Tom Brady is really 49 Gisele will be the most confused. (Dolphins)

Jets (+7) @ Bengals
Lisk: The Bengals will be without Leon Hall and Bart Oates. (Bengals)

CRM: This just sounds like a Thursday night game. (Bengals)

Steelers (-3) @ Raiders
Lisk: Terrelle Pryor is trying to take Roethlisberger’s sack crown (Steelers)

CRM: You beat the Jets and suddenly you’re favored on the road. (Raiders)


Redskins (+14) @ Broncos
Lisk: Mike Shanahan returns to the place where it all began. Wait, that was Los Angeles. (Broncos)

CRM: If these teams had met last month the Broncos would have been favored by a Jacksonvillian number. (Redskins)

Falcons (+2) @ Cardinals
Lisk: Who needs Julio Jones when you have Harry Douglas? (Cardinals)

CRM: I have an uncle named Harry Douglas. They have the same haircut too. (Falcons)

Packers (-10) @ Vikings
Lisk: Greg Jennings’ sister will no doubt be putting out how horrible Aaron Rodgers is on Sunday Night (Vikings)

CRM: Amazingly, Matt Flynn is the only person in America who has not lost the Vikings starting quarterback job this season. (Packers)

Seahawks (+11.5) @ Rams
Lisk: When the Jets drafted Kellen Clemens, they said his arm strength was superior to Matt Leinart or Vince Young. Nailed it. You don’t see either of those other two starting a Monday Night Game, do you? (Seahawks)

CRM: Instead of MNF, just watch The Blacklist. Make sure to have a second television ready for when James Spader chews up the screen on the first one. (Seahawks)


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