Trey Wingo Blasted Albert Haynesworth, Called Him "Haynes-Worthless"

Trey Wingo Blasted Albert Haynesworth, Called Him "Haynes-Worthless"


Trey Wingo Blasted Albert Haynesworth, Called Him "Haynes-Worthless"

Trey Wingo let Albert Haynesworth have it Friday on The Herd. Haynesworth has been making ridiculous statements regarding his former coach Mike Shanahan.

Here’s what Haynesworth said that started the whole back-and-forth:

Great coach. Yeah. I mean, that’s what he came in, the very first meeting, he came in saying I’m a great coach, I know how to win, I’ve won 25 championships. I’m like, 25 championships? Then I go back and look, and I was like, you haven’t won a freaking playoff game since Elway retired. How come Elway comes back after Shanahan gets fired? Kind of weird. I mean, the guy is all me, me, me. Sorry to say that.

Shanahan responded to Haynesworth’s comments on Thursday:

When you don’t get along with somebody as a head coach, or assistant coach, it usually falls under one of those couple areas: lazy, lack of passion and a lot of times lack of character. And, uh, he fits all three.

Wingo echoed what former Washington tight end Chris Cooley said of Haynesworth, “he’s an awful human being” during his rant.

I’ve transcribed it because I thought it was dead on.

“Look, I said this yesterday, we didn’t even talk about this on NFL Live yesterday, why does anyone anywhere care about anything Albert Haynesworth has to say? The guy literally ruined free agency for tons of players. He stole about 100 million dollars, and I’ve never seen a guy lay down and not give a crap about his teammates more than that guy. He’s Haynes-worthless. Why do we care one iota about that guy?

Listen, the guy, he stomped on another guys face when his helmet was off when he was a Tennessee Titan and could have blinded or killed Andre Gurode if he had hit him in the temple with his cleat. He is the worst of the worst, he represents everything that’s awful about players in the National Football League. He should just fade away into the dark recesses of our memory and hopefully many days from now or years from now we’ll go, “Haynesworth? I don’t really remember that guy at all.” and the World will be a better place.”

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