Roundup: Kevin Ware Returns, Blockbuster is Dead, Kate Upton in Body Paint

Roundup: Kevin Ware Returns, Blockbuster is Dead, Kate Upton in Body Paint


Roundup: Kevin Ware Returns, Blockbuster is Dead, Kate Upton in Body Paint

kellie-picklerKellie Pickler … Florida burglar gets caught in chimney … cut in line at drive-thru, your car gets shot (in Florida) … Chris Pratt stripped once upon a time … Blockbuster is deadFCC fines Conan … one problem with the otherwise excellent documentary “Blackfish”video of Bieber sleeping taken by a (possible) Brazilian prostitute … ABC News anchor headed to rehab … Jennifer Lawrence got a haircut … so did Jennifer Aniston … a new Killers songKMart opening at 6am on Thanksgiving … historical photographs colorized … woman brings kids to drug deal … Joe Biden called the wrong guy to congratulate him on being elected mayor …

Kevin Ware returned to the court last night. He hit his first shot from right around the same spot the leg break happened. [ESPN]

Yadier Molina won an offensive award to go along with all of his defensive awards. [St. Louis Post-Dispatch]

Former Army Ranger Tim Kennedy got a big KO win in front of the troops. [MMA Junkie]

Former Miami Dolphin writes about the Richie Incognito situation. [MMQB]

Brad Stevens and the Celtics scored more points than their opponents. [Boston Herald]

Sam Wyche continues to sound off about Pete Rozelle. [Fox Sports]

Call of Duty: Ghosts did a billion dollars in sales in one day. [Forbes]

Middle school football coach fired for trying to hold a banquet at Hooters. [Oregon Live]

Girls basketball coach fired after posting “racy” picture on Facebook over the summer. [Guyism]

Miami Heat assistant coach has attractive fiance. [Page Q Sports]

Behind the scenes footage of Kate Upton getting body paint. [Swim Daily]

Siena Saints basketball coach hands out coffee at Dunkin Donuts. I wonder if anyone recognized him. [Twitter]

N’Snyc’s Chris Kirkpatrick married a former college soccer player. [JMU Sports Blog]

Here’s a YouTube from 2007 showing a Lithuanian basketball player shattering a backboard on a 12-foot hoop.

I wish this guy introduced every TV show.

Huey Morgan (lead singer of Fun Lovin’ Criminals) had a little breakdown on the BBC’s Never Mind the Buzzcocks this week.

Apparently, the Fun Lovin’ Criminals are still active. They even released an album in 2010. I loved this song.

If you’re going to hit and run… do it on a less crowded Chicago street.

Finally, here’s a dancing car salesman.

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