USC Wants Kevin Sumlin, But Get in Line, Trojans

USC Wants Kevin Sumlin, But Get in Line, Trojans


USC Wants Kevin Sumlin, But Get in Line, Trojans

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Kevin Sumlin is supposedly the top target of USC’s coaching search if you believe the LA Daily News. Previously, other outlets said Jack Del Rio of the Broncos was the top target; recently, Lovie Smith’s name has been linked to it (and debunked by Jay Glazer).

Sumlin’s meteoric rise from Houston to Texas A&M – aided by star QB Johnny Manziel – will have Sumlin at the top of wish lists in college and the NFL over the next 10 weeks. Here are just a few places you could be hearing Sumlin’s name between now and the middle of January:

* Texas Longhorns after Mack Brown bows out or is fired.
* Alabama, maybe, if Nick Saban goes to Texas, and the Tide have an opening.
* Miami Dolphins after the GM and coach are sacked for the Richie Incognito-Jonathan Martin debacle.
* Tampa Bay, if the Bucs also do away with their struggling GM and coach.
* New York Giants if the Giants finish meekly and decide to move on from Tom Coughlin.
* I know the Texans love Case Keenum, but will the new coach if Gary Kubiak is kicked to the curb? I love a Manziel/Sumlin pairing in Houston. Have for a awhile.
* Notre Dame. Don’t laugh. Remember last offseason, Brian Kelly flirted with the NFL. The Irish had Sumlin on their list a few years ago as a contingency plan to Kelly.

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