Chargers Fan Fined $280 for Throwing Football in Stadium Parking Lot

Chargers Fan Fined $280 for Throwing Football in Stadium Parking Lot


Chargers Fan Fined $280 for Throwing Football in Stadium Parking Lot

A San Diego Chargers fan was asked by police to stop throwing a football in the Qualcomm Stadium parking lot while tailgating before last month’s game against the Colts.

Initially assuming the officers were joking, and understandably so, the 27-year-old Jesse Unger jokingly replied, “coach’s orders” and continued to throw the football. It was then that Unger was presented with a football throwing citation because fans are seriously not allowed to toss the old pigskin in the Qualcomm Stadium parking lot.

In fact, the very first infraction on the city’s “Parking Lot Policies and Procedures” website says as much. Here’s the actual law:

Per San Diego Municipal Code 59.0502, says that one cannot “intentionally throw, discharge, launch or spill any solid object (including footballs, baseballs, frisbees and other such devices) or liquid substance or otherwise cause subject or substance to be thrown, discharged, launched, spilled, or to become airborne.”

Loving the inclusion of “intentional” here. The idea of accidentally throwing a football, baseball or frisbee offers a wonderful visual.

Unger ended up taking the ticket to court upon learning the fine would cost him a whopping $280. He had initially been told by officers at “the scene” the fine would be for $60. After presenting his case, the judge told Unger he would be charged $75 if he were to plead guilty.

Here’s their fantastic exchange:

“But the ticket is for $280 according to the court documents, Your Honor,” Unger replied.

“Yes, but I think that is just ridiculous,” responded the judge.

“You and me both,” Unger muttered back. “I plead guilty to throwing the football, Your Honor.”

After being fed those comical words, the sanity-seeking judge reportedly dismissed the ticket.

According to the report, three other NFL stadiums also have this unfathomable policy in place: LP Field in Tennessee, Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, and CenturyLink Field in Seattle.

Beyond absurd. It should really be against the law to have such a law.

[via San Diego Union-Tribune]

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