Pigskin Pigsplosion Week 10: Pigsplosion Strikes Back

Pigskin Pigsplosion Week 10: Pigsplosion Strikes Back


Pigskin Pigsplosion Week 10: Pigsplosion Strikes Back

Image (1) pigsplosion2.png for post 66075Stephen and I were not motivated to do this. We did it because of that one commenter that we like. All it takes is one.

Last Week:
Stephen: 5-7
JKL: 10-2

Stephen: 48-46-3
JKL: 43-51-3

Jaguars (+13) @ Titans
CRM: Game of the Week. (Titans)

JKL: Game of the Week of the Decade. (Jaguars)


Eagles (+1) @ Packers
CRM: Vick versus Rodgers. How did this not get flexed? (Eagles)

JKL: Eddie Lacy will get a lot of sleep after this one. (Eagles)

Bills (+3) @ Steelers
CRM: Winner has control of the shipping routes on the Allegheny River. (Bills)

JKL: Pittsburgh will probably play better on defense today . . . probably. (Bills)

Raiders (+7.5) @ Giants
CRM: Straight up trade – Eli for Pryor. Who says no? (Giants)

JKL: Pryor does have more sizzle and “what’s now” (Giants)

San Diego Chargers v Washington Redskins

Rams (+10) @ Colts
CRM: If Madden ’13 simulated this game 100 times, why would you spend your time simulating a football game on Madden? (Colts)

JKL: Rooting for the Colts to establish the run in this one. (Colts)

Seahawks (-6) @ Falcons
CRM: My strategy of always picking the Seahawks hasn’t worked in like 3 years. (Seahawks)

JKL: That strategy will work better once they have their starting offensive linemen and Percy Harvin at full go. (Falcons)

Bengals (-1) @ Ravens
CRM: Flacco sucks. (Bengals)

JKL: Has a Super Bowl champion had so little buzz just half a season later? (Bengals)


Lions (pk) @ Bears
CRM: Ferocious animal match up. Did you know the brains and sexual organs of sharks are made of M-80’s? (Lions)

JKL: Jay Cutler returns before he gets Wally Pipp’d by Josh McCown (Bears)

Panthers (+6) @ 49ers
CRM: Cam Newton is tall. (Niners)

JKL: I love these old NFC West rivalry games. Brings back memories of that one year when Carolina won the division. (Panthers)

Atlanta Falcons v Carolina PanthersTexans (+3) @ Cardinals
CRM: All those things I said about great games earlier are meaningless now that I see these two teams are playing. (Cardinals)

JKL: Is Case Keenum the best player named Case in NFL history? I think so. (Texans)

Cowboys (+7) @ Saints
CRM: Primetime Cowboys game? Always fun. Wonder what they’ll show Jerry Jones eating or scowling at. (Saints)

JKL: I look forward to constant analysis of Dez Bryant engaging in civil discourse on the sideline. It’s been the best thing for Derek Dooley’s career. (Cowboys)

Broncos (-7) @ Chargers
CRM: Not telling.

JKL: Not telling either.

Dolphins (+3) @ Bucs
CRM: After Bob Costas finishes his halftime lecture on Sunday night, these two teams might just give up football and not play. There goes your excuse to have wings for dinner two nights in a row. (Bucs)

JKL: If you had to guess which team would have had the term “Bully-Gate” tied to them two weeks ago, would you have gone Dolphins? Also, game story already written. (Miami Win): The Dolphins were able to rally around adversity and bond as a team. (Miami Loss): Miami crumbled, proving just how fractured the locker room is. (Dolphins)

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