Top 10 Dumbest Pairs of Women's Underwear For Sale on

Top 10 Dumbest Pairs of Women's Underwear For Sale on


Top 10 Dumbest Pairs of Women's Underwear For Sale on sells women’s underwear. It is part of a promotion called, “NBA4HER*,which Lindsay Mills pointed out in a recent article on Portland Roundball Society. Mills is less than impressed with the items that the NBA thinks women could or should want to purchase to show support for their team. I however, am inspired that the NBA cares so much for its female fans. So I have decided to help the league showcase its 10 best female undergarments. With the holidays coming up, make sure to keep this list in mind!

*So hashtag friendly!


10. Reebok Cleveland Cavaliers Ladies Wine Maverick Thong Underwear

Price: $9.95

From the Description: “Ladies, sport your Cavaliers team spirit from top to bottom in this Maverick thong from Reebok. This soft thong features printed team name and logos all over with a tiny bow at the top.”

Why This Underwear Is So Important: First of all, Reebok is involved. What lady wouldn’t feel like a sexy #1 fan without Cleveland-centric underwear made by Reebok? Second of all, the bow is shaped like an “X” and serves as a subtle reminder of Anthony Bennett’s shot chart.


9. “Chicago Bulls Women’s Red B-II Panties”

Price: $16.95

From the Description: “Officially licensed.”

Why This Underwear Is So Important: Such an awkward image of the item combined with a type of underwear that sounds like aircraft from World War II. This is the Joakim Noah’s jumpshot of panties.

8. Knicks Thongs


Price: Varies depending on the thong, duh.

From the Description:
71% Polyester/29% Cotton body
90% Nylon/10% Spandex trim
Elastic waistband
Distressed screen print graphics
Burnout logo
Lace trim
Officially licensed

Why This Underwear Is So Important: There are three types of Knicks thongs. Second of all, there is spandex trim, an elastic waistband and graphics as distressed as the fanbase.


7. Denver Nuggets Ladies Navy Blue Maverick Underwear

Price: $11.95

From the Description: “Ladies, every day may not be game day, but you can always stay true to your team in these comfy Maverick underwear! They feature an all-over team logo and name pattern and a tiny ribbon bow on the front, so they’re perfect for the gal who eats, sleeps and breathes Nuggets athletics.”

Why This Underwear Is So Important: Nuggets. Written on underpants. They’re selling underpants with the word “nuggets” written on them.


6. Orlando Magic Ladies 2-Pack Knit Thong Underwear – Royal Blue

Price:  $25.95

From the Description:
Sublimated graphics
Scalloped edging detail

Why This Underwear Is So Important: The NBA sells a Magic thong. With scalloped edging, just like Victor Oladipo likes.


5. Detroit Pistons Underwear

Price: Varies depending on boxers or bikini.

From the Description: “Sport your tried and true devotion to the Pistons underneath it all with these lightweight woven Genuine plaid boxers!”

Why This Underwear Is So Important: There are multiple pairs of Detroit Pistons underwear available for purchase. MULTIPLE. Here’s the description for the bikini-cut underwear


4. Los Angeles Lakers Ladies Keynote Boy Brief Panties

Price: $16.95

From the Description: 100% Cotton

Why This Underwear Is So Important: Buying these may land you on a list.


3. “Chicago Bulls Women’s Black Nostalgia Panty

Price: $16.95

From the Description: “Back your team in style with these super cute and ultra comfy Chicago Bulls women’s Nostalgia panties!”

Why This Underwear Is So Important: The name of this product…

2. San Antonio Spurs Ladies 2-Piece Underwear Set – Pink


Price: $24.95

From the Description: “In the long history of sports traditions, superstitions often come into play. Some are stranger than others – anything from a special diet, calculated routine, or wearing specific articles of clothing – but they all have one thing in common: they all bring good luck for the team. If you’re looking for another way to show your San Antonio pride and maybe start a new tradition of your own, try these on for size. This 2-pack gives you the choice of thong or bikini-cut underwear. Covered in allover Spurs colors and logos, and Little Miss Sunshine graphics, they are the perfect way to start out your game day. And, who knows? Maybe you’ll bring the Spurs a little luck!”

Why This Underwear Is Important: Pink. Spurs. Underwear. Needless to say, Coach Pop does not approve.

1. Oklahoma City Thunder Ladies Keynote Allover Print Knit Panties


Price: $15.95

From the Description: None needed.

Why This Underwear Is So Important: That’s right, these are women’s underwear that say “Thunder” on them. Thunder underwear. Thunderwear.

[Thanks again: PortlandRoundballSociety via @19jms]

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