Roundup: A-Rod Calls Out Sick; Bet Actually Costs a Guy His House; 'Girls Night Out'

Roundup: A-Rod Calls Out Sick; Bet Actually Costs a Guy His House; 'Girls Night Out'


Roundup: A-Rod Calls Out Sick; Bet Actually Costs a Guy His House; 'Girls Night Out'

sarasampaio1Sara Sampaio. … A-Rod got a sick-note from his doctor and won’t be interviewed by MLB today. … San Francisco will be Gotham City on Friday. … And the SF Chronicle is doing this awesome thing in support. …  Miguel Cabrera and Andrew McCutchen won MVP awards on Thursday. … The ‘Voice of Marquette’ injured in car accident by possible drunk driver. … Lady Gaga spent $3 million to throw a record-release party. … Ugandan man (with three wives) loses house in bet over Manchester United/Arsenal. … Iceberg the size of Atlanta moving toward shipping lanes.  … HBO signs John Oliver to do a new weekly show. Topical! Funny?. … What is your problem, man? … Shooting at a Wisconsin children’s hospital. The “Honor Roll” appears to be a loosely defined term at this (Florida) school. … Cindy Crawford is still (and forever) amazing. … Utterly ridiculous website of the week: Cache Monet.  … NHL teams as Mega Man 8-bit characters. … Seven-month-old child shot and killed in New Orleans. … U.S. could become energy ‘self sufficient’ in next two decades. …These vintage Survivor Series ‘team photos’ are the best thing I saw all week. (If you can name everyone here, #youreawinnerandaloser.) … 1 in 10 people will have diabetes by 2035. … The Brewers head groundskeeper is going to the Cardinals.  … Happy Birthday Yaphet Kotto (74); Beverly D’Angelo (62); Greg Anthony (46); Chad Kroeger (39); … Enjoy your weekend. Take in a show.

High school coach vandalizes school to fire up team. Doesn’t work as well as it did for Spicoli. [HyperVocal]

Dodgers reliever JP Howell talks about bullying. [LA Times]

PS4 gets a positive review. [USA Today]

MLB owners sign-off on expanded replay, but details remain sketchy. [AP]

Photographs of abandoned toy factories! (The opposite of up-lifting.) [Juxtapoz]

Leigh Montville is back at the Globe and wrote a very enjoyable return column. [Boston Globe]

Craig Sager’s 10-best suits. [Chat Sports]

16 American cities foreigners are warned about before traveling. [WaPost]

Al Trautwig hunts down Twitter trolls, apparently. [Awful Announcing]

Which professions attract the most psychopaths? [The Week]

Dinovember > Movember. [Medium]

Maynard James Keenan talks about why it takes Tool so long to make an album. [Rolling Stone]

Jack Black and Tim Robbins are shooting a pilot for HBO. [Spitsider]

A storm chaser’s view of Typoon Haiyan. [Vice]

Some folks are trying to keep cursive writing alive. [Red Ticket Blues]

A trip to the Wells Fargo Center … fun? [The 700 Level]

CRM specifically asked me to include “GNO” for today. Direct all your cheery compliments to him.

Today is ODB’s birthday. Wednesday was the ninth anniversary of his untimely passing in 2004.

Ricky Rubio is good at assists.

So many fixxxins.

This Rob Ford/Chris Farley mash-up makes me want to go smoke some dope with Ricky and Bubbles.

Ballin’ Oates.

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