Roundup: Black Friday Madness, Exploding Sperm Whale, Happy Birthday Vin Scully

Roundup: Black Friday Madness, Exploding Sperm Whale, Happy Birthday Vin Scully


Roundup: Black Friday Madness, Exploding Sperm Whale, Happy Birthday Vin Scully

elenagomezElena Gomez. … Jason Kidd fined $50,000 for soda spill/timeout gaffe. … Tim Floyd didn’t take too kindly to Andy Enfield’s comments about El Paso. … Judge orders partial closer for famed Huy Fong sriracha plant. … ‘Bikini Emergency’ absolves driver after fatal crash? … John Fox returning to Broncos on Monday. … All the kills in ‘A Game of Thrones’ mapped out. (Spoilers, duh.) … An MLS player okay after this nasty-looking car crash. … Do you have 90K sitting around? You could have lunch with Derek Jeter. … Panthers Ice Girl Heather is the best reason to attend hockey in South Florida, right?… Real Housewives Star + Journey guitarast = PPV wedding. Sign me up! … More charts: which countries make the news. … Here’s a montage of the worst fan catches in baseball this year. … Vince Gilligan has some more thoughts on the ‘Breaking Bad’ ending. … Happy Birthday Minnie Miñoso (88), Vin Scully (86), Chuck Mangione (73), Mean Gene Okerlund (71), Jerry “the King” Lawler (64); Andrew McCarthy (51); Tom Sizmore (52), Mariano Rivera (44); Gena Lee Nolan (42); Jamal Mashburn (41); Ryan Giggs (40) … Enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend.

Ravens held off the Steelers 22-20 Thursday night. [ESPN]

A year after the Sandy Hook tragedy, the Newtown, Conn., high school football team is undefeated. [Fox Sports]

Exploding sperm whale (GIF! … gross.) [Hyper Vocal]

Good breakdown how friendlies hurt Italy and the Netherlands for World Cup seeding. [BBC]

Mapping out the 200 top-scored Reddit posts of all-time. [Visual-ly]

Trying to explain what the hell a Bitcoin actually is. [Guardian]

Ryan Braun begins, in earnest, his apology tour. [Yahoo!]

Where did all those dollar coins end up? [CNN]

Obit of Lou Brissie, former MLB All-Star and WWII hero. [NYT]

There’s a fledgling American football league in India. Mark Wahlberg and Michael Irvin are investors. [WSJ]

An interview with Carmelo Anthony’s high school coach. [USA Today]

The first panda in America lived in a NYC apartment building. [Gothamist]

There was a real-life meth cook in Alabama named Walter White. [Vice]

Interesting read about using “openers” to start baseball games. [Beyond the Boxscore]

Christopher Lilley is a very interesting comedian. [Splitsider]

Woman confronts alleged Wal-Mart perv. [Via Red Ticket Blues]

Black Friday … sigh.

Happy birthday to Vin Scully, again. (Make sure to watch for No. 3 — a famous NFL play called by Scully.)

The @Seinfeld2000 account created this Arcade Fire/Seinfeld video. WTF. Enjoy?

Great Job, Dad!

Is there still room for leftover  turkey. Hey it’s Mean Gene’s birthday, so we need to watch him get down with his bad self.

J. Geils Band.

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