'League of Denial' to be Adapted into a Movie

'League of Denial' to be Adapted into a Movie


'League of Denial' to be Adapted into a Movie

leagueofdenial“League of Denial” is going to be adapted for the silver screen, reports Deadline Hollywood. Details are scant but the film will be produced by Parkes/McDonald, which won the rights to the book written by Mark Fainaru-Wada and Steve Fainaru. 

Parkes/MacDonald was able to move quickly because of its partnership with Abu Dhabi-based Image Nation, which allowed them to secure the book without waiting for a studio to say yes.

It’s anyone’s guess as to which route the dramatization will take. Will the film version focus on a particular player, such as Mike Webster or Junior Seau? The concussion researchers? A combination of the two?

The book was subject of an illuminating PBS Frontline documentary earlier this year, which also drew headlines due to ESPN’s abrupt exit from the project. It means there will be dueling football concussion-related movies in the works. Last month Ridley Scott announced he’d be directing a film about the debilitating effects of concussions.

Considering how touchy the NFL is about both its image and the on-going debate about concussions, it’s extremely unlikely either project will featured licensed teams. This would make for a fine opportunity to revive some of the teams from “Any Given Sunday.”

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