Mike Shanahan Probably Gets Fired by Daniel Snyder Today, Right?

Mike Shanahan Probably Gets Fired by Daniel Snyder Today, Right?


Mike Shanahan Probably Gets Fired by Daniel Snyder Today, Right?

What is Mike Shanahan saying here?

Mike Shanahan, the embattled Redskins coach, could be fired as early as today. His Redskins were thoroughly embarrassed by the Chiefs at empty Fed Ex Field Sunday, 45-10. The special teams effort was listless (permitted punt and kick returns for touchdowns), the offensive line again was in tatters (six sacks allowed) and the porous defense gave up 6.2 yards per carry.

Dexter McCluster punt return-td

And then it got really fun after the game.

The Washington media, seeing blood in the water, asked the salty Shanahan about his allegedly messy relationship with owner Daniel Snyder. Shanahan refused to answer questions or even attempt to deny the rumors that he was ready to quit after the team lost in the playoffs to Seattle in January because the owner was so cozy with the QB. When asked who his starting QB would be next week against Atlanta, Shanahan wouldn’t give an answer.

I greatly enjoyed this Thomas Boswell column that shreds Shanahan, calling him a “weasel”:

What we have here is backstabbing, self-aggrandizing Shanahan revisionist history, as well as some curiously timed water-carrying on Sundays that infuriates and unsettles the franchise.

Since Snyder took over the Redskins, the franchise has had seven coaches in 14 years. Norv Turner, Terry Robiskie, Marty Schottenheimer, Steve Spurrier, Joe Gibbs, Jim Zorn and now, Shanahan. Coaches have massive egos and will obviously want to work with RGIII … but who will want Snyder as their boss?

Want the real bad news, Redskins fans? Despite currently having the 2nd worst record in the NFL (3-10 with Atlanta), you don’t even have a 1st round pick. That goes to St. Louis in the RGIII trade. Remember how last year that trade looked like such a victory when RGIII put the franchise on his back and carried them to the postseason?

Yeah, now it looks like they gave up way too much. Now you need a new head coach, offensive line and defensive players. Washington is rebuilding, again. The Redskins defense is giving up 6.0 yards per play, which ranks 28th in the NFL. The Redskins have the 2nd worst point-differential in the league at -128 (only Jacksonville, at 171, is worse). The offense isn’t functional when the QB can’t run.

So, who’s coming to Washington to replace Shanahan?

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