Roundup: FCC Makes a Dumb Decision; the CIA is Just Like Homeland & Bob Barker is Still Awesome

Roundup: FCC Makes a Dumb Decision; the CIA is Just Like Homeland & Bob Barker is Still Awesome


Roundup: FCC Makes a Dumb Decision; the CIA is Just Like Homeland & Bob Barker is Still Awesome

danielleknudson2Danielle Knudson … FCC takes step toward lifting ban on in-flight phone calls. … Texas teen cites ‘Affluenza’ as reason behind deadly drunk driving accident. … Chargers 27, Broncos 20. … Beyonce announced a new album, including teaser video with daughter Blue Ivy. … NFL/DirecTV moving closer on new Sunday Ticket deal.  … Kim Jong Un executed his uncle, said he was worse than a dog. … Massively important: Twitter changed its blocking procedures … and then changed it back. … Small-town cop tells Kanye West to “Check yourself before you wreck yourself.” … Vice buys tech company for content distribution. … Instagram now lets you send private pictures. That won’t get creepy immediately or anything. Nah. … Warren Cromartie optimistic baseball might return to Montreal. … A breakdown of college football television ratings by week. … Desmond Tutu’s home robbed while he attended Nelson Mandela’s funeral. … And starting today Mandela gets his own SiriusXM tribute channel. … Greg Whittington intends to transfer from Georgetown. … A bunch of college football awards were handed out Thursday night.  … Shocker: some people aren’t too thrilled if you try to pay in Bitcoin. … Why do people hate on Adidas? They make the best windsurfing shoe around. … Bayern Munich will play in the MLS All-Star Game in Portland next summer. … Gaming news: “Fallout 4” will reportedly be set in Boston. … This Santa really hated Nazis back in the 1930s.  … Science, yo. … Into conspiracy theories? (Or enjoy laughing at them.) Read up on the Georgia Guidestones. … LeBron James or Hollywood Hogan? … Happy Birthday Ferguson Jenkins (71); Ted Nugent (66); Wendie Malick (63); Junkyard Dog (d. 1998); Steve Buscemi (56); Rob, Rex Ryan (51); Mike Tirico (47); Jamie Foxx (46); Santi Carzola (29); Taylor Swift (24). … Happy Friday. Enjoy it.

Great profile on the one-of-a-kind Ray Hudson. [NYT]

Find some time to read Pat Jordan’s story on Tom Seaver. [Sports on Earth]

And here’s a profile on Fox News Megyn Kelly. [Washington Post]

Breaking Bad … on ice! (Actual ice, not that ice.) [Hyper Vocal]

This real life CIA screw up sounds more outlandish than Season 3 of ‘Homeland.’ [AP]

Early-season attendance at Rupp Arena continues to drop. []

Good story on Iowa State’s DeAndre Kane carrying on the legacy of his late father. [CBS]

Believe the Jadeveon Clowney hype? [MMQB]

Has-been celebrities still draw crowds for autograph seekers. [NYT]

The worst TV of 2013? Did ‘Community’ make the cut? [AV Club]

Camden, N.J. sounds delightful. [Rolling Stone]

Could you imagine last Sunday’s NFL without the Red Zone channel? [Newsday]

Seinfeld2000 pick’s the best albums, sorta, of 2013. Buckle up, this is out there, Jerry. [Noisey]

Everyone loves another holiday gift guide this time of year, right? [TVMWW]

Bob Barker turned 90 yesterday and showed up on “the Price is Right.” He is infinitely cooler than all of us.

Beyonce released a surprise new ‘visual’ album, here’s a teaser with her daughter Blue Ivy.

“Edge of Tomorrow” trailer. (Still would’ve rather seen a Halo movie.)

Jon LaJoie rings in the holidays.

Terry Francona had some trouble with a chair at the Winter Meetings.

Lewis Holtby scored this slick goal for Tottenham on Thursday.


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