Here Are the Most Popular NFL TD Celebrations of 2013

Here Are the Most Popular NFL TD Celebrations of 2013


Here Are the Most Popular NFL TD Celebrations of 2013

Friday the Wall Street Journal compiled a breakdown of every touchdown celebration in the NFL this season, all 1,150 of them. The top celebration of 2013? Believe it or not, “celebrate with team/do nothing notable” checks in atop the list at nearly 26 percent. The “jump-and-bump” came in second at 11.3 percent, followed by dancing at nine percent. Remarkably, the traditional spike has only been done 79 times.

Here are a couple our favorites from the 2013 season, in GIF form, and in no particular order.

Nate Burleson making light of his injury caused by dropping a slice of pizza while driving:


Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski had fun bro-ing out, which probably counts as “nothing notable”:

Gronk and Brady celebrate

Detroit’s Joseph Fauria showed off numerous dance moves this year:

Joseph Fauria Dances After a Touchdown Against Baltimore

Including his best version of the ‘Bye Bye Bye’ Dance.


The Seahawks defense gave us a Val Venis-style pelvic thrust:

Michael Bennett does an air-hump dance after scoring on Saints fumble

Jordan Todman came out of nowhere with this gem while the Jags were getting blown out in Seattle.


Mike Tolbert gave us a fat guy touchdown AND dance!

Mike Tolbert touchdown dance

Kansas City’s Dexter McCluster borrowed Victor Cruz’s trademark endzone Salsa dance.

Dexter McCluster salsa dance

And so did Desean Jackson.


Tavon Austin also found time to get loose.

Tavon Austin scores again against the Colts does a dance-b

It wasn’t a touchdown, but Steve Smith, the NFL’s No. 1 agitator, decided to celebrate against Falcons in November by eating imaginary soup.

Steve Smith bowl of soup celebration

This was only a field goal, but let it be shown kickers can get excited too, as Nick Novak showed:

Nick Novak celebrated his fourth field goal against the Colts

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