Roundup: Molotov Cocktail Thrown at Florida Bar; Massive Piranha Attack; LeBron Plays Golf

Roundup: Molotov Cocktail Thrown at Florida Bar; Massive Piranha Attack; LeBron Plays Golf


Roundup: Molotov Cocktail Thrown at Florida Bar; Massive Piranha Attack; LeBron Plays Golf


Natalie Suliman. … Bill O’Brien will interview for the Texans coaching job. … Former Orioles outfielder Paul Blair passed away. … Utah State beat Northern Illinois in Poinsettia Bowl; Pitt defeated Bowling Green. (MAC now 0-4 in bowls.) … Man (in Florida) kicked out of bar, then decides to throw Molotov cocktails at owner. …  60 people injured during Christmas Day piranha attack in Argentina. … 15 cops and a taser needed to take down a public masturbator. … Man found walking the runway at Newark Airport. … Nnamdi Asomugha retiring from the NFL.  … … Bobby Bowden’s grandson, Jeffrey, killed in car accident. … Former NBA player proposes new arena on Las Vegas strip. … A homemade ‘To Catch a Predator Video“? … Delayed packages ruined Christmas.  … Woman arrested for throwing peanut butter at brother. … BCS tickets continue to remain unsold.  … Happy Birthday Johannes Kepler (d. 1630); Gérard Depardieu (65); Andre Tippett (54); Duncan Ferguson (42); Deuce McAllister (35); Cole Hamels (30); Rick Porcello (25). … Christmas might be over, but try to have fun this weekend. (Programming note: this is the final Friday Roundup of 2013. Hope everyone enjoyed the, we all tried our best.)

Beyonce did something really awesome. [HyperVocal]

ESPN has lots of incentives to stay in Connecticut. [NYT]

‘Tis the season for oral histories, this one about ‘Trading Places.’ [Business Insider]

Emma Stone is Hollywood’s ‘Best Actor for the Buck.” [Forbes]

Giants rookie puts condo on Craigs List for the Super Bowl []

The Houston Chronicle has a big piece about the 1993 Oilers coming up, including revelations about gay players on the squad who were accepted by teammates. [Ultimate Texans]

Get ready for even more Knicks and Nets games on national TV this year. [SportsWatch]

Gabe Kapler wrote a solid piece on the bidding process for Masahiro Tanaka. [Fox Sports]

Here’s Joe Posnanski writing about the Hall of Fame and the Steroid Era. [Joe Blogs]

Someone picked the 13 best SNL sketches of 2013. (Colon Blow 2000 didn’t make the cut.) [The Wire]

What it’s like watching baseball in Cuba. [WSJ]

Rob Neyer tracked down Bill Bavasi to ask why he traded Shin-Shoo Choo to the Indians in 2006. [Baseball Nation]

Minnesota Twins prospect Alex Meyer works as a substitute teacher for $63 per day in the offseason. [Indy Star]

Remembering the Southwest Philly Floater. [700 Level]

Aussie takes out a human statue, for some strange reason.

Here’s LeBron golfing with Kevin Hart … in a commercial. (Doubt this will ever be shown on television.)

Candlestick Park closed on Monday. I’ve always enjoyed this rendition of the National Anthem sung by the Grateful Dead there in 1993. (Thank you Nick C. for the correction.)

3D printing + Jello shots? (Also, what is this 3D printing we hear so much about?)

Once upon a time Alexi Lalas met the Olsen Twins in a movie your little sister likely rented from Blockbuster one weekend.

What a song. What a video.

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