Vincent Tan: The Most Stylish Man in Sports

Vincent Tan: The Most Stylish Man in Sports


Vincent Tan: The Most Stylish Man in Sports

Vincent Tan is the owner of Cardiff City, a Welsh team in the (English) Premier League. As we outlined on Saturday he’s not the most beloved owner in sports and his Q-rating around the Welsh capital figures to plummet after firing manager Malky Mackay on Friday for reasons only known to the Malaysian businessman.

If anything, Tan is a clear villain. There are fewer and fewer things all sports fans can agree upon, however the billionaire owner using a team as his own personal plaything is something most sports fans can universally rally their contempt around.

That said, Tan’s investment in Cardiff City did help the team achieve promotion to the Premier League after years of falling short even if he changed the team’s colors from blue to red in the process. Tan owns the club so, as crazy as this sounds, he can do as he pleases.

Tan’s merits as an owner are a story for another day. Today’s let’s praise him for his bold fashion choices. As ridiculous as he looks in 99.9 percent of the pictures on the Internet, it does get his name out there. That sort of publicity, although negative, is probably priceless for a fabulously wealthy egomaniac like Tan.

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