Roundup: Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014

Roundup: Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014


Roundup: Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014

marina2Marina Luczenko … Easily the best box score of the year. … Welcome baby Krimson Tyde to the world. … Texas Tech rolled in the Holiday Bowl. … Michael Schumacher shows signs of improvement after second surgery following skiing accident. … Robin Roberts came out publicly via a Facebook message. … That boat is still stuck in the ice. … So many questions from this GIF, along with an equal number of laughs. … 10 realistic New Year’s resolutions. … The perfect timing of this photo is incredible.  … Stephen Colbert made a split-second cameo in Hobbit 2. … As good as it gets: New Year’s Eve at Applebee’s in Times Square (for $375 per person). … Late contender for best headline/story of year? … Man allegedly ties dumbbell around himself, jumps of Florida Keys bridge. … Santa got me this, one size too small. … Happy Birthday: Sir Alex Ferguson (72); Sir Ben Kingsley (70); Tim Matheson (67); Val Kilmer (54); Lance Reddick (52); Brent Barry (42); Shandon Anderson (40). …. Happy New Year! Enjoy yourself.

A comprehensive look at “Boston Strong” that’s worth checking out. [Fox Sports]

The weird email exchanges between A-Rod and Randy Levine. [NY Mag]

Central Park mugger rejects victim’s flip phone. [NY Post]

Glow in the dark pigs are, apparently, real. [Impact Lab]

Remembering some of the famous faces we lost in 2013. [NYT]

“Best” infographics of 2013. [Business Insider]

Movies to look forward to in 2014. [The Wire]

Ten ‘Canadian-isms’ that leave other English-speakers confused. [National Post]

Great job by Jon Lester here. [Fox News]

Dolphins like to get high? [Hyper Vocal]

A plea to scrap the NFL playoff system. [WSJ]

The 35 best sketches of 2013. [Splitsider]

What would the final Roundup of 2013 be without a Russian dash cam video?

Michael Keaton had a nice bounceback year in 2013, not sure why he’ll be starring in this Lifetime movie in early 2014, however.

RIP James Gandolfini, nobody else could have turned Tony Soprano into TV royalty.

Mike Francesa vs. the NYC Blizzard was voted the Mike Francesa audio clip of 2013. Enjoy!

The new biggest winner on The Price is Right.

This song makes me think of New Year’s Eve, for some reason.

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