The Best Soccer Goal GIFs of 2013

The Best Soccer Goal GIFs of 2013


The Best Soccer Goal GIFs of 2013

Ronaldo Ibrahimovic

So many games, so many goals, so many … golazos.

2013 proved to be another fine season for mesmerizing soccer goals. There’s no sense ranking them on a numerical scale. The quality of a goal is in the eye of the beholder. You may enjoy a volley, or perhaps an insane dribbling move finished with a tap-in. It’s your call.

These are some of the goals we enjoyed here at The Big Lead over the last 365 days.

The Zlatan Division:

Zlatan goal

Zlatan Ibrahimovic scored one in Ligue 1 play as only he can.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic third goal against Anderlecht

He also scored from deeeeeeep.

Cristiano Ronaldo Division:


So. Many. Step overs.

Ronaldo 1st goal against Sweden-a

And Ronaldo was clutch, too, helping book Portugal a place in the World Cup.

Lionel Messi Division


How did he score this with the entire Milan team draped around him?

Luis Suarez Division:

Luis Suarez spectacular header-a

A header from outside the box? Sure, why not?

Luis Suarez goal vs Norwich-a

Half volley from 45 yards away. Easy.

Pajtim Kasami Division:

Pajtim Kasami goal against Crystal Palace-a

EPL Goal of the Year for the Fulham man? Perhaps.

Gareth Bale Division:

Image (1) bale-karate-goal1.gif for post 270585

It’s obvious Real Madrid paid Tottenham $400 billion for the Welshman for his karate skills.

Arsenal Team Goal Division:

Arsenal gets touchy on Jack Wilshere goal against Norwich City

Arsenal played puff-puff pass on this team goal capped by Jack Wilshere.

Best Own Goal Division:


Vincent Kompany … a ball shouldn’t move like that.

Neymar Division:

Neymar goal against Celtic-3

Mario Balotelli Does Thing Division:


It’s not a goal, but … you know …

Most Important Bicycle Kick of the Year Division:

Raul Jimenez bicycle kick-a

Mexico’s Raul Jimenez scored a bicycle kick vs. Panama which kept El Tri alive to qualify for the World Cup in October.

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