Teddy Bridgewater Considering Staying at Louisville? Really? [UPDATE]

Teddy Bridgewater Considering Staying at Louisville? Really? [UPDATE]


Teddy Bridgewater Considering Staying at Louisville? Really? [UPDATE]

Teddy Bridgewater has a shot of being the No. 1 pick in the 2014 NFL draft, but at least one former NFL scout who is now in radio claims the Louisville QB is considering staying in school.

[HUGE DISCLAIMER: Never heard of John Middlekauff before. Don’t know his track record with calls like this. Have absolutely no idea whether or not there is merit to it.]

I’d given no thought to whether or not Bridgewater would return to school – it seemed like a lock he would leave a year early because he’s improved each year in school, and might be the best QB in the draft (Marcus Mariota of Oregon, who at times looked like the No. 1 pick, is staying in college). But for fun, barring some surprise underclassmen declaring for the draft, let’s look at the Louisville offense next year …

1) Louisville returns its leading rusher (Dominique Brown)
2) Louisville returns four of its top five pass-catchers
3) Louisville returns, according to a depth chart, four of five offensive line starters

Offensively, Bridgewater should be poised for another terrific college season. But, he’d also be going into the 2015 draft, where he won’t be projected to go higher than Jameis Winston of Florida State. And would you take Bridgewater over Mariota?

[1/1/2014 UPDATE: Teddy Bridgewater will declare for the draft. He’ll definitely be in the conversation for the No. 1 pick.]

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