Roundup: Lighting Your Car on Fire for Warmth isn't Wise; Netflix is Very Specific; Happy Birthday Jim Ross

Roundup: Lighting Your Car on Fire for Warmth isn't Wise; Netflix is Very Specific; Happy Birthday Jim Ross


Roundup: Lighting Your Car on Fire for Warmth isn't Wise; Netflix is Very Specific; Happy Birthday Jim Ross

carlaossa3Carla Ossa. .. Two guys crash car into ravine, decide to light car on fire to stay warm overnight. How wasted were these guys?!? … It’s cold and snowy, in January. Crazy, right? …  Man claims to have two penises, posts photos on Internet. (Warning very gross/NSFW, link goes to an article, not photos.). … Katie Holmes shows off her bikini body. … Fiesta Bowl had its smallest crowd since 1997. … Man who won a nation-wide “Breaking Bad” contest gets popped for a drug charge. … Wes Welker “ready to go” for Broncos. … Georgia Tech quarterback Vad Lee intends to transfer. … Sepp Blatter suggests a penalty box for soccer players who dive. … Arizona hoops beat Washington State 60-25, setting a McKale center record. … Discovery Channel debuts its first scripted show, ‘Klondike’ next week. … As detailed a breakdown of the Jets finances as you’ll ever find. … PS4 users watch more porn than XBox One owners, apparently. … A chart about smells.  … Whoops. … A-Rod verdict probably won’t happen until next week. … Mountain Lion kills family dog in California. … He’s not Your-vydas, he’s Arvydas.  … Happy Birthday Dabney Coleman (82);  Stephen Stills (69); John Paul Jones (68); Jim Ross (62); Mel Gibson (58); Danica McKellar (39);  AJ Burnett (37); Linas Kleiza (29); Asa Akira (28); Kevin Ware (21); … Enjoy the first weekend of 2014. Try to hit some dingers.

“How Netflix reverse engineered Hollywood.” [The Atlantic]

Here’s one way to ruin an A$AP Rocky concert, aka People are Insane Vol. 3,013. [HyperVocal]

“Is football dying?” [Hardball Talk]

Bruce Feldman did a Q&A with Ralph Friedgen. [CBS]

In case you hadn’t read the Chris Kluwe piece from Thursday. [Deadspin]

A good idea (that will never happen) about circumventing Sochi for the Olympics. [Chicago Tribune]

Looking at Teddy Bridgewater’s draft stock. [MMQB]

Kevin Garnett: “Honestly, I have no rhythm. I’m trying to establish some confidence, and figure out where I fit into this whole ‘where I fit into the offense’ thing.” [NY Post]

“The Late, Great American WASP.” [WSJ]

“So there it is, Bill O’Brien represents The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of college football. Will there arise another like Coach Paterno whose selfless commitment put the student-athletes and the university ahead of his own ambition?” []

USA Hockey picked a roster for Sochi. [Eye on Hockey]

Havard’s Laurent Rivers is more than “just a shooter.” [One Bid Wonders]

Celebrities posing with younger versions of themselves. [Laughing Squid]

The ‘Sexiest Sportswriters in LA’ is apparently a thing. [LAist]

Macau casinos made profits of $45 billion in 2013. [Red Ticket Blues]

Did drunk folks swear on live television before the Internet existed? [Video via @JimmyTraina]

Hell, fire and brimstone! Another hearty Happy Birthday wish to Good Ol’ JR. (Always loved how hard he sold the Kane character.)

Kevin Gilbride retired as Giants offensive coordinator Thursday. The news came  20 years to the day Buddy Ryan slugged Gilbride on ESPN Sunday Night Football at the Astrodome.

Here’s one of the best cricket catches of the summer, from Australia. (Seems like a standard baseball diving catch, albeit sans glove.)

This is my favorite song about snow, however I don’t think Ozzy is singing about the snow everyone in the Northeast has been whining about the last 24+ hours.

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