Jay Gruden is the New Coach of the Washington Redskins

Jay Gruden is the New Coach of the Washington Redskins


Jay Gruden is the New Coach of the Washington Redskins

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Jay Gruden, brother of Jon and a perceived offensive wizard – though mostly in the AFL, which isn’t to be confused with the AFC – is the new coach of the Washington Redskins according to every NFL writer on the internet. Gruden, last seen fumbling on the sideline as the Bengals offense sputtered in another playoff loss, this time to San Diego, will inherit a great young QB – Robert Griffin III – an atrocious defense, and a meddling billionaire owner who once gave out apples to employees as a holiday bonus.

Sorry for laughing at this hire, but how can you not? The Redskins played no defense last year, permitting 5.7 yards per play and gave up 30+ points seven times. The Bengals have had three playoff games in a row and they’ve totaled 33 points in losing all of them. What is attractive about Gruden? Something to remember: Daniel Snyder has been owner of the Redskins for 14 years, and has had seven coaches. Jay Gruden will be his 8th.

Let’s be honest: Daniel Synder didn’t want someone powerful as head coach. He wanted someone he can control. This will be Gruden’s 1st head coaching job in the NFL, and how much is a rookie head coach going to challenge the owner who is tight with the star QB? Gruden was a cheap hire, and had a good history with Bruce Allen, the team’s GM. Gruden was an offensive assistant in Tampa.

Me? I would have gone for a guy who really knows innovative offense – Gus Malzahn. Given the success of college coaches in the last few years – Jim Harbaugh, Pete Carroll, Chip Kelly – the move should have been to get creative, and given what Malzahn did to Nick Marshall at Auburn, I would have loved to have seen him paired with RGIII. Gruden? Eh. He got a 5-year deal, but I’ll be surprised if he’s not on the hot seat after his 2nd season.

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