Tre Mason of Auburn Declares for NFL Draft

Tre Mason of Auburn Declares for NFL Draft


Tre Mason of Auburn Declares for NFL Draft

Tre Mason touchdown run

Tre Mason, who tore through Missouri in the SEC Championship Game and then scored what could have been the winning touchdown in the national championship game before Jameis Winston’s final drive, has declared for the NFL Draft. Mason is making the best decision for Me, Myself, and I. We haven’t heard any leaks (yet) on what evaluation the NFL Draft Advisory Committee gave Mason, but assuming he got anywhere better than a fourth round grade (likely), he is making the smart move.

There is less incentive to wait to rise in the draft with the new Rookie Wage Scale. At a position like running back, where we have seen a decline in first round picks used at the position, it’s all about trying to get to that second contract extension three years into the league. Might as well start the clock, after taking on 80 rushing attempts in the last two key games, and go out on top.

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