Bryce Harper is Putting on Weight, but Not 'Sloppy Weight'

Bryce Harper is Putting on Weight, but Not 'Sloppy Weight'


Bryce Harper is Putting on Weight, but Not 'Sloppy Weight'

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Bryce Harper made a few minor headlines in the baseball offseason when he claimed his plan was to “get as big as a house,” bulking up for his third season in the big leagues. Harper’s thought process is that it’s a long season and he’ll lose weight as the summer progresses. Harper reported to camp at 235 pounds last year, but missed time after running into the outfield wall in Dodger Stadium, along with some pesky knee issues.

Mike Trout — the player Harper is often linked with — raised a few eyebrows last year when he arrived for Spring Training bulked up at 240 pounds. Harper might receive the same treatment should he roll into Viera, Fla., bigger than last year.

Harper was on MLB Network this week and host Harold Reynolds brought up the issue of weight gain.

Reynolds: “Are you surprised you got as much heat for saying ‘Hey I’m gonna put some weight on?”

Harper: “It’s kind of crazy that everyone’s going a little berserk about me putting on weight. I was 235 coming in last year. It’s not sloppy weight. I’m not fat. I look pretty good. [Laughing] I don’t want to say that, but I’m not gonna lie. It’s not like I’m out eating McDonalds and Del Taco every night. I eat good. My Mom fixes dinner every night…”

Later in the interview Harper said his mother mostly cooks him steak, chicken, and fish.

I do think the term “sloppy weight” needs to be used more often. It’s not quite as quotable as “Clown question, bro,” but it’s another nice turn of phrase from the Nationals prized outfielder. Also, you wonder with the McDonald’s diss will Harper be the next athlete to pop up in those ubiquitous Subway ads? [Via Nats Enquirer]

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