Here's Cris Carter Spouting Uninformed Nonsense About the Miami Heat and Peyton Manning

Here's Cris Carter Spouting Uninformed Nonsense About the Miami Heat and Peyton Manning


Here's Cris Carter Spouting Uninformed Nonsense About the Miami Heat and Peyton Manning

Warning: Listening to this six minute clip may cause headaches, nausea, and dizziness.

Jorge Sedano, a radio host from Miami, was filling in for Mike Greenberg this morning on Mike & Mike, and got into a little … argument (?) with Cris Carter about Peyton Manning’s playoff record. Manning’s Broncos held off the Chargers, 24-17, to advance to Sunday’s AFC Championship game. Manning was solid – 25-of-36, 230 yards, two TDs, one juggled interception in the end zone – and made two crucial throws on 3rd downs late in the 4th quarter to seal the victory. The win improved his career playoff record to 10-11.

Enter Cris Carter.

[Aside: LeBron was worked into this discussion, and Cris Carter really has no business talking about LeBron James. Actual words uttered: “LeBron is not like Michael Jordan and Kobe, being a dominant scorer.” That’s at the 2:50 mark. Career NBA playoff PPG leaders: Jordan is 1st at 33 ppg; LeBron is 5th at 28 ppg. Kobe is 11th at 25 ppg. Also, there’s this, on Miami’s Big Three: “Bosh? Ain’t nothing big about him … only thing special about the Heat is LeBron. What’s special about them? What do they do that’s special?” Yeah, back-to-back titles, three straight trips to the Finals, nothing special.]

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Anyway, around the 3-minute mark is when Carter gets huffy about Peyton Manning.

Of course Manning’s 10-11 playoff record is worth a discussion. It’s just too bad the Hall of Famer didn’t do his homework. Carter makes this a black and white issue, as if to say he doesn’t belong in “the big room” – whatever that is – with the greats because of his playoff losses. Silly comments like, “look at Peyton’s numbers in those games. He did not play well” are laughed at when you, you  know, actually look at the stats. As anyone with a keyboard can tell you, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning have very similar postseason career stats. Manning arguably had the better skill players; Brady had the better coach and defense. But it’s all subjective – a circular discussion that’s fun to talk about for a few minutes before your head begins to hurt. Cris Carter’s Top 5 QBs in NFL history will certainly be different from mine. And different from Jorge Sedano’s. And Mike Golic’s. And your neighbor’s.

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Carter embarrasses himself with a smirk and a nonsensical “in your mind, that’s your own reality” comment. Keep an eye on Mike Golic, who sits uncomfortably in the middle because he’s clearly not used to actual discussions where someone challenges an ESPN “analyst.”

“This the number you need to look at – 10 and 11,” Carter dismissively says, without actually clarifying what, if anything, that means. Is he implying Peyton Manning is a below average QB in the postseason?

What happens if the Broncos win Sunday and advance to the Super Bowl? Does the narrative then shift to Tom Brady and the Patriots? They haven’t won a Super Bowl in eight years, would be 2-3 in AFC title games since 2006 and 0-2 in the Super Bowl in that same time period!

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