A Stripper Has "Released" a Tell-All "Book" About Her Escapades With Michael Vick

A Stripper Has "Released" a Tell-All "Book" About Her Escapades With Michael Vick

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A Stripper Has "Released" a Tell-All "Book" About Her Escapades With Michael Vick

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Last week, the New York Times broke the remarkable story that Michael Vick was once the ringleader behind a dogfighting ring, and one cannot even imagine what their reaction will be when they catch wind of the fact that the free agent quarterback supposedly committed adultery. As Jimmy Kempski and Matt Romanoski at Philly.com report, Vick now finds himself as the subject of a stripper’s self-published revelations of a relationship that purportedly spanned from 2003-2011, including the following:

– Vick’s sexual orientation (she says he’s straight).
– Sex parties at Vick’s home in which Vick and his secret lover would sneak around to other rooms and watch other couples having sex.
– An incident in which she cuddled a puppy, and Vick told her to stop it, because it would make the puppy “soft.” She surmised that the puppy was probably made to be one of the dogfighters.

While the exotic dancer failed to provide the reporters with much of the mountains of photographic and electronic evidence of the relationship she claimed to have, she did produce a couple letters from Vick that seemed to at least somewhat corroborate some of her assertions. Several legitimate publishing efforts fell through — one firm was nervous about a libel suit while her attempt at a Kickstarter raised just $230 of the $22,000 needed to greenlight the project.

The book is now “available” on the website Quarterbackkeeper.com. Although it’s not immediately clear how to purchase the book on the website or how much it costs, that’s where it can at least be found.

Not that this makes this whole ordeal defensible or anything, but this relationship supposedly happened while Vick was together with his now-wife Kijafa Frink, but was apparently cut off before he married her in 2012.


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