Roundup: Swiss Cheese Pervert Arrested; Let's Play Some Handball; Hey, Remember 1994?

Roundup: Swiss Cheese Pervert Arrested; Let's Play Some Handball; Hey, Remember 1994?


Roundup: Swiss Cheese Pervert Arrested; Let's Play Some Handball; Hey, Remember 1994?

sabine-jemeljanova-1Sabine Jemeljanova. … The alleged ‘Swiss Cheese Pervert’ was arrested in Philadelphia! … Movies got nominated for Oscars on Thursday. … Anne Hathaway was supposed to be in Silver Linings Playbook. … California woman lost $500,000 through Christian Mingle scam. … The Target data breach might be worse than previously announced. … Do the Academy judges take GIFs into consideration?  Russell Johnson, the Professor from Gilligans Island, passed away Thursday at age 89. … Drawbacks of living in a college basketball hotbed. … Famous movie quotes, in chart form. … David Price gets $14 million in arbitration. … West Philadelphia rallies around straight-A student who says he was victim of police brutality. … If you were wrapped up in 1994 nostalgia Thursday night, you’ll appreciate this link. Seriously, you’ll honestly enjoy it. … Happy Birthday: James Earl Jones (83); Don Zimmer (83); Maury Povich (75); Andy Kaufman; Susanna Hoffs (55); Chili Davis (54); Michelle Obama (50); Shabba Ranks (48); Naveen Andrews (45); Jeremy Roenick (44); Kid Rock (43); Zooey Deschanel (34). … Have a good weekend, don’t get too crazy, ok, maybe a little.

If posters for the Best Picture nominees were honest. [College Humor]

What if Twitter existed during the Kerrigan/Harding incident in 1994. [espnW]

Is this the most creative resume, ever? [HyperVocal]

Former UNC player ties counselor to no-show classes. [News Observer]

Why don’t audio clips go viral? [Digg]

How baseball’s local TV deals could throw off competitive balance. [Sports on Earth]

A Twitter story about the importance of blocking. [Newsfeed]

So … here’s a piece on illegal butt implants that is, apparently, a thing now. WARNING: grossssssss. [Vice, duh]

A rundown of classic Nintendo-era baseball video games. [The Rotation]

An oral history of Hoop Dreams. [The Dissolve]

A couple workout regimes tailored for NBA stars. [Men’s Fitness]

The best airport/airline foods. [WSJ]

Good interview with former Eagles QB Mike Boryla. [City Paper]

Zach Gilford (Matt Saracen from FNL) talks about playing high school volleyball. [Sports Hub]

Hubie Brown-level analysis of the latest Crestor ad. [RTB]

Just a recap of what it’s like reffing sixth grade girls basketball. [700 Level]

How drunk did this Russian guy get? [via HV]

Johnny Football mega montage!

Mike Judge doesn’t tweet often, but he posted this gem in his feed last night.

Anyone out there want to join my handball team? Figure if we train hard enough we can represent Team USA in Rio, right? (I kid, handball is probably insanely difficult … unless you’re from Denmark.)

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