What Did You Eat During Super Bowl Sunday?

What Did You Eat During Super Bowl Sunday?


What Did You Eat During Super Bowl Sunday?

riverview tavern wings

I had two TBL shifts yesterday, and I pretty much spent all the time between them voraciously shoving saturated fat into my face. That, moreso than drinking or commercials or halftime, is my primary complement to the last football game for forever until September. Super Bowl gorging is a time-honored tradition dating back to the party my parents hosted (and still host, without me) every year, and it’s one of my favorite things to do.

In addition to the plate of wings from Riverview Tavern — a Chicago neighborhood establishment — pictured up-top, I also consumed a red velvet cupcake, a cookie dough creme Dunkin Donut (limited edition for Valentine’s Day and I highly recommend getting on that), a big beef stick, and copious amounts of chips and pretzels dipped in guacamole, beer cheese, and buffalo cheese dip. I also had an Italian beef sandwich from Al’s Beef, which is a chain that could only exist in this city and differentiates itself with exquisitely rich gravy. This photo doesn’t really do it justice, but it’ll have to do.

al's beef

I feel fat right now, but I’d still do it all again 12 times out of 10. YOLO, etc. Here’s what the rest of the TBL crew ate:

Duffy: We had a health-conscious Super Bowl spread in the Duffy household. I made my chili with ground beef, three types of beans and an assortment of peppers. Some may quibble about the beans. Those people are dicks. I added a smokey South African spice blend into the mix for this edition, which seemed to be a hit. I made a mistake handling jalapenos. My finger tips still burn, as I type this nearly 24 hours later.

I also made pigs in a blanket and supplemented with buckets of buffalo and thai wings from Whole Foods. Friends contributed seven-layer dip, stuffed mushrooms (cream cheese and pork sausage) and brownies. Kept the beer simple with some selections from Red Hook, Brooklyn Lager and Sam Adams. Needless to say, my stomach felt spectacular waking up for yoga at 6:30 this morning.

A heartfelt thanks to every site on the Internet. I’m not sure how I would have bought food, extracted meat from bones or interacted with fellow human beings without your incredibly helpful guides.

McIntyre: Got a nasty stomach bug Friday night, vomited three times and I won’t get descriptive on the rest of the illness. Thus, the appetite wasn’t there Sunday afternoon. I lost more weight this weekend not eating – six pounds – than slices of pizza consumed during the Super Bowl – 2.75. I vomited near the end of halftime. I still haven’t seen Bruno Mars. I couldn’t even stomach the garlic knots. Will save those for today.

Cardillo: Kept it simple Sunday — I’m not a big fan of elaborate dips — with a couple fine American craft beers (Bud bottles, followed by Keystone Light cans) along with some bacon-barbecue meatballs and beef brisket smothered in HP Sauce, the finest condiment known to mankind.

Douglas: Fresh off watching The Great Chicken Wing Hunt on Hulu, I had wings for lunch from one of the bars in the movie, and then my friends bought over wings for The Big Super Bowl Game. We had chips and dip and veggies and egg rolls and I made pizzas with some whole wheat dough (unintentionally healthy choice on my part, I promise), store-bought sauce, lots of cheese and toppings.

For beverages, my friend and I tried to work through a leftover case of Labatt bottles that I bought for a holiday party that was hardly touched. I have been glaring at those beers for over a month now, knowing that they always give me a Blue hangover. By some miracle, I did not have a pounding headache this morning. It must have been that small bottle of water I drank before bed. Let that be a lesson to you all – stay hydrated. That’s not just a Taffer Tip. Also, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and New Girl were both excellent. As was Enlisted on Friday night. Why are you not watching Enlisted? Watch Enlisted, dummy.

Lisk: The kids had corn dogs. Toward the end of the third quarter, my wife made me a turkey burger, no bun, with a mix of cooked leaf spinach, sun dried tomatoes, and mushrooms as a topping/side. I probably wouldn’t have eaten anything otherwise, not sure I had anything to drink, I forget to do things like that when watching football. Living the life, living the dream, Super Bowl party for the ages.

Shamburger: I am coming off of a nasty bout with food poisoning so I kept it pretty simple. A 6-inch turkey sub with spinach, pickles, and honey mustard. No chips. No dip. Water to wet my palate. That’s it. As Lisk said, “Living the dream.”

T. Ryan: I’ve never understood why people post enthralling photos of their meals on Twitter and Facebook, and I have often mocked the annoying trend. So I would feel like a hypocritical jackass for discussing the ins and outs of my Super Bowl spread in a post. Great game though.

What did y’all throw down?

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