IOC Claims Stray Dogs Aren't Getting Exterminated in Sochi

IOC Claims Stray Dogs Aren't Getting Exterminated in Sochi


IOC Claims Stray Dogs Aren't Getting Exterminated in Sochi

During this past week, reports emerged that a pest control company had been contracted to exterminate stray dogs in Sochi in advance of the Olympics. Alexei Sorokin, who owns the firm, told ABC News that the dogs are “biological trash”. People tend to like dogs, so the international outrage to this news was unsurprising.

In response to the stories, the IOC has released a statement claiming that the dogs are being turned over to a veterinary staff (and implying that they’re not getting mass-murdered). Per NPR:

According to the Sochi 2014 Organising Committee, all stray dogs that are found on the Olympic Park are collected by a professional veterinary contractor for the well-being of the people on the Park and the animals themselves. The dogs are being handled by professional veterinary staff, who carry out a full health examination off-site and look to locate the relevant owner. All healthy animals are released following their health check.

Time’s Sean Gregory spoke to a Humane Society director who noted that temporary shelters would still be problematic, both because of the conditions that the dogs would likely face and the unintended consequences:

“Dogs replace other dogs quite quickly in a space that is void,” she says, “because there’s food supply, and that’s a good territory to have. And it’s no longer being used.” These dogs survive a cull because they don’t show themselves in public. They may prove more of a nuisance than the dogs just rounded up. “They are less integrated into the community,” says O’Meara. “They are less friendly, and harder to catch. The friendliest dogs are easiest to catch.”

Whether animals have been killed, sheltered, or some combination of the two, it’s apparent that many still remain on the streets:

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