Twitter Account Aptly Captures Lunatic Fringe of Packers and Badgers Commenters

Twitter Account Aptly Captures Lunatic Fringe of Packers and Badgers Commenters

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Twitter Account Aptly Captures Lunatic Fringe of Packers and Badgers Commenters

Ted Thompson, general manager of the Green Bay Packers, left

It’s a well-established fact of the Internet that most publications with a large enough readership will have a sect of commenters that hijacks any nuanced discussion and turns it into a sewer system. Those folks can of course also be found on Twitter, where any well-timed targeted search can yield a bevy of hateful comments to be embedded into an uninformative blog post.

As irksome as it is when pundits seek any broader conclusions based on the keyboard courage of marginalized voices who are presumably unhappy, unsuccessful, and/or 13 years old (side note: they also seem to be overwhelmingly male), intelligent lampooning of those commenters can be exquisite.

A little over a year ago, @JSComments was born. Drawing inspiration from SB Nation and Kissing Suzy Kolber satirist @PFTCommenter — whose online persona is an uncannily accurate and funny fake representation of the hardos in the ProFootballTalk commentariat — Andrew (real first name; last name omitted at his request) curates actual hot takes on Wisconsin sports from Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel readers:

31 years old, Andrew currently resides in Chicago where he does sales and customer service for a cleaning supplies company. He grew up in southwestern Wisconsin town Prairie du Chien and graduated from UW-Madison in 2006.

“For years now, several of my friends and I have killed time at work emailing each other some of the more outlandish comments from the Journal-Sentinel’s web site,” Andrew tells The Big Lead. “We made fun of them all the time. I know PFTCommenter is fake, but I saw that account and thought I could make a funny handle that takes real comments from the lunatic fringe of Wisconsin sports fans.”

He’s a big fan of the Packers, Badgers, Bucks, and Brewers, but not in the sense that they absolutely consume his life. “The Packers won the Super Bowl three years ago,” he emphasizes, noting that he’s not as hypercritical of the team’s front office, coaching staff, and players as some who are unhealthily obsessed with the team. “I think people overreact and go crazy.”

The feed is always amusing and topical, and it’s followed by a decent amount of people who cover the Packers professionally, including ESPN Milwaukee beat writer and Tuesday’s With Aaron host Jason Wilde, Cheesehead TV co-founder and Bleacher Report lead NFL columnist Aaron Nagler, and even Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reporter Tyler Dunne.

While there’s enough material for several intentionally ironic entries per day — and much more than that during football season — Andrew acknowledges that his feed is far from indicative of the broader population. “To be fair, really only about 5% of the comments are ones that are like my Tweets,” he says.

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