Roundup: Farts Prompt Prison Inmate Assault; Climbing Shanghai Tower; Happy Birthday Gheorghe Muresan

Roundup: Farts Prompt Prison Inmate Assault; Climbing Shanghai Tower; Happy Birthday Gheorghe Muresan


Roundup: Farts Prompt Prison Inmate Assault; Climbing Shanghai Tower; Happy Birthday Gheorghe Muresan

emilysears1Emily Sears. … RIP Jim Fregosi. … “A North Dakota inmate who’s been charged with assaulting another inmate said he was incited by both flatulence and racism.” … On the plus side, maybe she’s single now. Form a line, fellas. … Aussie teen robs store with chainsaw wearing a flower pot on head. (Fairly straightforward.) … Drake was NOT happy Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s death knocked him off the cover of Rolling Stone. … There aren’t very many, but True Detective Valentines is the Tumblr of the Week. … Bengals cheerleader suing team, alleges she was only paid $2.85 per hour. … Swedish skier + Wu Tang = potential best moment of Sochi? … Hey look, you can (legally) download De La Soul’s entire catalog for the next 24-ish hours. … Is Bret Bielema the driving force behind the 10-second rule? … Mets’ radio guy Josh Lewin thanked fans for their support while team transitioned to a new station. … David Beckham might actually name his MLS team, the Miami Vice. Why not, right? … The giant radio telescope of GoldenEye fame is hanging by a thread. … This is the greatest Undertaker GIF set ever. EVER. … The hazards of shoveling snow. … Now Luis Suarez says he never racially slurred Patrice Evra.  … The Pirates only offered A.J. Burnett $8.5 million, he signed with Phillies for almost double that. … One year ago today Reeva Steenkamp was shot dead by boyfriend Oscar Pistorius. His trial begins in March. … 44-year-old fetus found in 84-year-old woman in Brazil. … Spoiler, this is how True Detective ends. … Nice goggles, CNN reporter. … Happy Birthday: Pat O’Brien (66); Alan Hunter (57); Jim Kelly (54); Meg Tilly (54); Simon Pegg (44); Tommy Dreamer (43); Drew Bledsoe (42); Tyus Edney (40); Richard Hamilton (36); Edison Cavani (27). … Everyone’s weekend plans, right?

Ken Hubbs remains one of baseball’s greatest “What If” stories. [Fox Sports]

RZA will defend his Hip Hop Chess Federation belt this weekend. [OC Weekly]

Very good reporting on Division III Southern Vermont giving some basketball players with checkered pasts a final shot to play. [Washington Post]

Not to get all Veruca Salt, but I want a baby penguin, and I want it now. [Hyper Vocal]

You might spend your entire Friday playing Sesame Street Fighter. [Ceators Project]

Q&A with Jay Bilas on paying NCAA athletes. [Sherman Report]

Oklahoma State radio analyst stands by statement of what he heard Marcus Smart say. [Newsweek]

Everyone’s favorite luger, Kate Hansen, always thought she’d be an Olympian. [Extra Mustard]

Greg Bedard breaks down Michael Sam’s film and offers his evaluation. [MMQB]

The Death of the Spoiler Alert? [Fast Company]

American team sports becoming more popular in Brazil. [Reuters]

ESPN’s Seth Wickersham went deep, following Tony Gonzalez during his final season. [ESPN Mag]

An absolutely fascinating profile on Aroldis Chapman. [ABC]

This story about the 1989 Upper Deck cards is so dumb and so great. [Baseball Card Bust]

Hollis Thomas ski jumping? You know you want to read about that. [700 Level]

If you’re afraid of heights, DO NOT watch these dudes climbing Shanghai Tower. Actually watch, the visuals are stunning. (2014: Year of the GoPro.)

Lava vs. can of Chef Boyardee.

Happy 43rd birthday Gheorghe Mureșan!!!

Your Mike Francesa commercial of the day.

Via Oakley and Allen, this clip of Rasheed Wallace at the 1993 McDonald’s All-American Game will warm your heart on Valentine’s Day.


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