Serge Ibaka Aids OKC Redditor After a Bike Wreck

Serge Ibaka Aids OKC Redditor After a Bike Wreck


Serge Ibaka Aids OKC Redditor After a Bike Wreck

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People will fabricate anything on the Internet, but this story seems real enough to pass along — an NBA redditor recalls that one time (last night?) that Serge Ibaka had his back in a time of distress:

So, I work at an Apple store in Oklahoma City. I’m riding my bike home from work like I always do and my wheels slip right out from under me as I’m turning a corner in the parking lot. My face slammed against the concrete. My tooth was chipped and I got pretty scrapped up. Immediately this dude starts yelling asking if I’m okay and runs toward me like some big black angel. He helps me up and it takes me a good 10 seconds to realize it’s fucking Serge Ibaka. He took me inside, offered me his water, and ran to find a nurse in the mall to come take a look at me. Totally worth it.

There is nothing more horrifying in life than being in the process of falling off a bike. You know you’re in for a world of pain, but you don’t know to what extent, and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it. Nevertheless, the poster says that this was not his first brush with Thunder players in or around the Apple store:

It sucks because we see Thunder players a lot but we’re not allowed to talk to them unless we’re helping them. If we treat them differently than any of our other customers we can get in a lot of trouble. The only one I had gotten to talk with before tonight was Hasheem which was still pretty cool. It kind of sucked to be standing two feet away from Kevin Durant and not be able to talk to him though.

Maybe he should fall of his bike more often, then?

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