Roundup: RIP Dr. Frank Jobe; Naked Dating Show; Dogs of the World Cup & Bitcoins, Bitcoins, Bitcoins!

Roundup: RIP Dr. Frank Jobe; Naked Dating Show; Dogs of the World Cup & Bitcoins, Bitcoins, Bitcoins!


Roundup: RIP Dr. Frank Jobe; Naked Dating Show; Dogs of the World Cup & Bitcoins, Bitcoins, Bitcoins!

carlybaker1Carly Baker … Hey, look! A bird smoking a cigarette set a building on fire in London. … The Goldman Sachs elevator guy lost his book deal. … Clippers 142, Lakers 94: worst loss in LAL history. … 40-year-old Detroit woman dies in 2008, no one notices until police find her mummified body in garage this week. … Internet trolls might want to follow this court case in Philly. … The Internet isn’t happy Newsweek revealed the founder of Bitcoins identity. … Good golly that is an enormous bat. … This is probably the best fortune cookie ever. … New Hampshire basketball staffer accused of recording players in locker room. … Dolphins trainer fired after the Wells report hires some lawyers. … Police are looking for a man who’s repeatedly been peeing on people on the University of Florida campus. … This story about bananas doesn’t sound encouraging. … Dr. Sanjay Gupta is a fan of medicinal marijuana, apparently. … Tell ’em Bill. … How much storage space does your phone actually have?… 13-year-old kid in England built a fusion reactor from scratch. … Pee Wee Herman’s bike sold for $36,000 on eBay. … This one is a real fish tale. … How cute: they let the Toronto zoo’s polar bear cub pick his own name. … $7,250 for a license plate that says “DALLAS”Mr. Peanut chimes in on the stupid hipster/monocle baloney. … How much would you bid for Rust Cohle’s storage locker at an auction? … Wind turbines + lightning = some amazing photos. … What the 9/11 attacks looked like from space. … Happy (possibly NSFW links) Birthday: Franco Harris (64); Lynn Swann (62); Bryan Cranston (58); Nick Searcy (55); Joe Carter (54); Bret Easton Ellis (50); Wanda Sykes (50); Steve Beuerlein (49); Rachel Weisz (44); Laura Prepon (34); Hatem Ben Arfa (27). … Enjoy yourself this weekend, try to set aside a little “me time.” You’ve earned it!

Dr. Frank Jobe, the innovator behind Tommy John surgery passed away Thursday at age 88. [LA Times]

Dogs of the World Cup is A+ stuff. [Fubiz]

“My boyfriend used a penis pump.” [NY Mag]

Here’s the story that revealed the Bitcoin inventor?/founder’s identity. [Newsweek]

Learn about this kakapo — a crazy-looking bird from New Zealand — before its extinct. [Wired]

Very sad news on Red Sox pitcher Rich Hill. [Big League Stew]

The Dutch have come up with a naked dating show. [HyperVocal]

Could climate change force Chipotle from serving guac? [The Wire]

“Where Have All the Workers Gone?” [The New Yorker]

Baseball is having a tough time eradicating smokeless tobacco use. [Boston Globe]

Oral history of the Syracuse/UConn six overtime game. [Daily Orange]

Which fictional video game do you want to play the most?  [AV Club]

Do you want to help pay for a sequel to Shaq-Fu? [The Verge]

Matthew McConaughey on Rust Cohle. [Rolling Stone]

American Internet speeds are slower than, Estonia? [The Week]

Who knew releasing police footage of Justin Beiber was so complicated. [LA Times]

Ranking every girlfriend Jerry had on Seinfeld. [UPROXX]

A beer after you workout? I’m listening. [NPR]

What’s the modern media “Dream Job?” [Columbia Journalism Review]

This Chevy ad will strike a cord with dog owners.

It’s Andre 3000/Andre Benjamin as Jimi Hendrix. (Anyone else remember his cameo on The Shield?)

More True Detective fun! (My pet theory on the finale here.)

Astronauts goofing out in space in the 80s.

Review with Andy Daly premiered last night. You should watch.

Screw it, one more classic McConaughey clip. (Oscar winner!)

Future Islands on Letterman earlier this week.

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