Dennis Rodman Won't Go Back to North Korea

Dennis Rodman Won't Go Back to North Korea


Dennis Rodman Won't Go Back to North Korea

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In an interview with ESPN’s Mark Schwarz, Dennis Rodman said he won’t go back to North Korea if we don’t want him to go back. Fresh off a three-week stint at an alcohol rehabilitation facility, a fedora-wearing Rodman explained the motives behind his previous two trips to the country.

“At least someone tried,” Rodman said. “So that’s how I look at it. You know, I don’t want to be a hero, I don’t want to be this, I don’t want to be that. I just wanted to be, just do happy things and do great things in life. That’s all I wanted to do. That’s it.”

Rodman’s trips to North Korea, along with his perceived close relationship with Kim Jong Un, were the subject of much criticism from diplomats.  And as with many things Rodman does, they took on a circus-like element.

While it appears Rodman may have taken some of the backlash to heart, he doesn’t want to be seen as a troublemaker.

“I don’t want people to look at me as the devil or evil person,” Rodman told ESPN. “If I put anyone in harm’s way, I apologize, you know.”

Then waving his hands in a circle at the camera, Rodman said, “If you don’t want me to go back there ever again, I won’t go back.”

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