Roundup: Lindsay Lohan's List, LeBron's Phone, High School Coaches Bullied

Roundup: Lindsay Lohan's List, LeBron's Phone, High School Coaches Bullied


Roundup: Lindsay Lohan's List, LeBron's Phone, High School Coaches Bullied

kristen-bellKristen Bell… explosion in East Harlem … intoxicated driver kills 2, injures 23 at SXSW … here’s a picture of Mike Francesa … I can’t comprehend the numbers in this article about Candy Crush … TSA agent not sure if Washington D.C. licences are acceptable identification … photoshops that make celebrities look like their worst fan art … elephants can distinguish between human languages …  Game of Thrones … guy goes to Magic: The Gathering tournament, takes pictures with butt cracks … Milwaukee Craig’s List ad for a “domesticated little person” … first albino blue marlin ever captured on film … Charles P. Pierce took Sarah Palin to the woodshed over her recent CPAC talk … woman finds lizard head in gourmet salad … man on death row for 30 years exonerated … here’s a job opening that involves drinking and smoking … couple selling their “mumbo sauce” in D.C. retail stores after just a couple years … Chumlee isn’t dead … man punches child, steals iPad … trailer for The Challenge: Free Agents … Balloon Boy is now in a tween metal band with his brothers …. Lindsay Lohan had sex with a bunch of famous people … 

High school basketball coaches quit because they were being bullied. [Des Moines Register]

What college basketball assistants are ready for head coaching jobs? [One and One]

Surfer upset after magazine describes him as having an “apish” face. [Daily Telegraph]

Steve Smith’s time in Carolina is probably done even if his name is still on the roster. [Charlotte Observer]

Britt McHenry is joining ESPN. [DC Sports Bog]

Man shoots 500-pound wild boar. [North Carolina Sportsman]

An oral history of the 6-overtime Big East Tournament game between Syracuse and UConn. [FOX Sports]

8 little known facts about Derek Jeter. [Guyism]

Dumb woman thinks she met Jim Kelly. [Sports Pickle]

On the stupid comparisons of hockey and basketball whenever someone gets hurt. [Deadspin]

Where do NBA players own homes? [Hoops Hype]

Oakland A’s season ticket holders get a lunchbox. [Reddit]

LeBron’s phone erased everything last night. Then miraculously recovered everything. [TMZ]

“Red Lightning” hanging out at the beach with Florida State cheerleaders. [College Cheerleader Heaven]

The origin of Matthew McConaughey’s “alright alright alright.” [via Uproxx]

DJ Snake & Lil Jon made an amazing music video. It is safe for work, but I don’t know if you would want to watch it with your boss.

This kid is obnoxious.

Everything wrong with Days of Thunder.

You like MMA? You like to make fun of MMA? You should be watching the Tommy Toe Hold Show. Whut? Whut!

Just realized that’s Mary Lynn Rajskub in The Good Life video.

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