Red Sox Prospect Arrested While "partying and looking to get some [expletive]"

Red Sox Prospect Arrested While "partying and looking to get some [expletive]"


Red Sox Prospect Arrested While "partying and looking to get some [expletive]"

jon-denneyJon Denney is a 19-year old catcher in the Boston Red Sox farm system. According to Baseball-Reference, Denney has accumulated nearly 100 plate appearances in his illustrious minor league baseball career. Obviously, he’s a pretty big deal. Maybe the biggest deal in the entire Red Sox organization. That’s why the Florida’s Lee County Sheriff’s Office will have to just deal with it.

Denney was cited and arrested in two separate incidents in the Fort Myers area early Thursday morning. Denney was first stopped at 11:57pm Wednesday when he accelerated, causing his Ford F-150 Raptor to fishtail. When police asked him what he was doing he gave them the ultimate Spring Break answer (Via Yahoo! Sports):

“Partying and looking to get some pussy.”

Denney, who has a restricted license for an alleged DUI in Arkansas, was issued a citation and had a friend pick him up. Two hours later, police caught him getting back into his truck. This traffic stop was not as eloquent, as apparently, he had found what he was looking for. Via Yahoo! Sports:

Denney said he was giving a woman a ride, according to the report. “Denney then became belligerent and started to cuss” at the police officers, the report said.

According to police, Denney said “he was a Boston Red Sox player and he didn’t care [sic] he had money and made more money than we would ever see.” When handcuffed, the report said, Denney said “he would be out in no time because of who he played for and that he made three million a year.”

Jon Denney does not make $3,000,000 a year. He was however released from jail on Thursday morning. Yahoo! also learned that in addition to the DUI incident Denney was arrested in December for “disorderly conduct, minor in possession of alcohol and littering after witnessing him throw a bottle of Malibu Black Rum into oncoming traffic.” At least he’s staying humble.

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