The Chiefs and 49ers Are Salty With Emmanuel Sanders and His Agent

The Chiefs and 49ers Are Salty With Emmanuel Sanders and His Agent


The Chiefs and 49ers Are Salty With Emmanuel Sanders and His Agent

Pittsburgh Steelers  v Green Bay PackersEmmanuel Sanders agreed to terms with the Broncos yesterday, and a couple of teams are super peeved about the way the whole thing went down. First and foremost, the division rival Chiefs claim that they had a verbal deal set with Sanders, through his agent Steve Weinberg, that was reneged upon. Per Ian Rapoport, it’s standard practice that this agreement effectively constitutes a done deal in the NFL. Therefore, while Weinberg and Sanders didn’t violate any written rules, Kansas City is pissed.

And so (presumably) someone from the organization leaked news of this dissatisfaction, and of Weinberg’s 2003 NFLPA decertification for actual financial mis-dealings, and we’re, I guess, supposed to feel bad for them (and for the 49ers, whose agreed-upon visit Sanders didn’t show for).

Without excusing Weinberg and Sanders for purported dishonesty, it’s difficult to get riled up when an NFL player exerts all of his leverage to get the best deal he can. Steve Smith and Devin Hester got released by teams for whom they were legendary performers for their entire careers (an annual tradition in the league), Darren Sproles found out he was getting traded on Twitter, and JJ Watt, Russell Wilson, and Richard Sherman are stuck playing for comparative peanuts on their rookie contracts because the market is rigged against elite young players — especially ones who were mis-evaluated by front office personnel in the Draft.

And, somewhat similarly to Sanders, but on the other side of the coin, Rodger Saffold’s lucrative Raiders contract was pulled away after he failed a physical. (This may have actually been an excuse, rather than the reason.) Other than the spurned Chiefs organization and their fans, is anyone really outraged with Emmanuel Sanders?

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