76ers Have Lost 22 Straight, Closing in on Historic Futility

76ers Have Lost 22 Straight, Closing in on Historic Futility


76ers Have Lost 22 Straight, Closing in on Historic Futility

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The tanking Philadelphia 76ers have lost 22 straight games after losing Wednesday night to the Bulls. The last time they were victorious – and you might want to know this, it could be a Jeopardy question – was on January 29th against Boston. Evan Turner scored in traffic at the buzzer. They’ve been stuck on 15 wins since, and here’s the most shocking thing about the losing streak is that the 76ers don’t have the worst record in the NBA. They’re still two games behind the tanking Milwaukee Bucks in the race for the most ping pong balls.

The 76ers also own the 1st round pick from New Orleans, which has the 10th worst record in the league. This is how you tank, folks – you flop in a year when the lottery is loaded. The Lakers are executing the tank to perfection. Boston isn’t. Orlando – losers of seven straight – is.

Philadelphia is at least attempting to play defense lately – three of their last four losses have been by single digits.

The horizon though, looks bleak, if Philadelphia wants to avoid matching Cleveland’s record of futility (26 losses in a row):

vs. Knicks
at Bulls
at San Antonio
at Houston

Three of those teams are playoff-bound, and the Knicks have surprisingly won seven straight during a late playoff push.

Charles Barkley isn’t walking through that door. Milwaukee’s not walking through that door.

The potentially record-setting loss could come at home, March 29th, against Detroit.

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