March Media Madness 2014: Vote For The Sweet 16

March Media Madness 2014: Vote For The Sweet 16

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March Media Madness 2014: Vote For The Sweet 16


Here is the Sweet 16 for our March Media Madness 2014 Tournament. Vote early and often, since you know Mongo Nation will be. Polls close at 10:00pm ET on Wednesday, regardless of whether a TBL staffer remembers to jump back into this post and shut them down.

Sports Talk
1. Mike Francesa vs. 4. Tony Kornheiser/Mike Wilbon


New York vs. Washington D.C. Fox Sports vs. ESPN. Mongos vs. casual ESPN viewers over the past decade.

2. Keith Olbermann vs. 6. Scott Van Pelt


Two Sportscenter icons. Do you prefer a balanced, full-bodied Merlot or a flaming Martini?

1. Bill Simmons vs. 12. Gregg Doyel


Doyel has already vanquished Le Batard and Nate Silver. Will the Sports Guy be the third ESPN notch on his shillelagh?

7. Peter King vs. 14. Jeff Pearlman


One is a longtime fixture at SI. The other used to work at SI and has qualms about the Swimsuit Issue.

1. Brent Musburger vs. 12. Bill Walton


Both are legends. Both are compelling enough to get away with saying things on air their bosses would rather they not.

7. Chris Fowler vs. 6. Verne Lundquist


Two college football titans. ESPN’s lead announcer and GameDay host vs. CBS’ lead SEC announcer.

16. Charissa Thompson vs. 4. Michelle Beadle


Will Charissa Thompson’s magical 16-seed run (taking down Bob Costas and Tim Tebow) stop with her Sportsnation predecessor?

2. Charles Barkley vs. 6. Bob Ley


The most likable man on TV squares off against perhaps the most venerated figure at ESPN.

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