The Big Lead 2014 NCAA Championship Game Picks

The Big Lead 2014 NCAA Championship Game Picks


The Big Lead 2014 NCAA Championship Game Picks

Alex Poythress dunks over Wisconsin player

Tonight in North Texas it is No. 7 UConn vs. No. 8 Kentucky for all the the AT&T Family Talk Plans. While everyone’s brackets were thrown away weeks ago, we’re still going to make some picks for this classic Cinderella, underdog matchup.


McIntyre: Kentucky 77, Connecticut 74 … Randle keeps Daniels in check, but Napier is heroic with 31 points in defeat.
Lisk: Kentucky 73, UConn 68 … Aaron Harrison hits the Rock ‘N Jock 25 point shot with 5 seconds left to provide Kentucky with the most improbable victory yet.
Cardillo: UConn 67, Kentucky 62 … Full disclosure: I’m a UConn alum banking on the Wildcats missing a lot of free throws, since Niels Giffey’s beard is no match for Kentucky’s interior size and strength.
Duffy: UConn 81, Kentucky 73 … Narrative game off the hook come Tuesday.
Shamburger: 78 Kentucky, 76 Connecticut
T. Ryan: UConn 61, Kentucky 57 … This is Kevin Ollie’s destiny. And his next destiny will be coaching the Lakers for $10 million a season, something he simply won’t be able to pass up even if it means a violent wedgie from Jim Calhoun. Fun season, though, Ollie.
Douglas: Kentucky 52, UConn 48 … We’re due for a low-scoring ugly title game with lots of referee involvement. Or as they call it in college basketball, “a game.”
Glasspiegel: Kentucky 70, UConn 65 … Close game throughout, but Kentucky hits its free throws to seal it.

DeAndre Daniels slam against Florida

Game MVP

McIntyre: Julius Randle, Kentucky
Lisk: Julius Randle, Kentucky
Cardillo: DeAndre Daniels, UConn (although many voters have already written down Shabazz Napier’s name on their voting slip.)
Duffy: Shabazz Napier, UConn
Shamburger: Julius Randle, Kentucky
T. Ryan: Kevin Ollie, UConn
Glasspiegel: Aaron Harrison, Kentucky

Predict Jim Nantz’s ‘game-winning’ line

McIntyre: “Kentucky’s freshman were fabulous, the Wildcats are National Champions.”
Lisk: “It’s Kentucky reigning, in this fight between Cats and Dogs.”
Cardillo: “There’s a new dog in town, Ollie’s Huskies are National Champs.”
Duffy: “Never underestimate the size of the fight in the dog. The Huskies are National Champions.”
Shamburger: “Calipari’s Wildcats have done it again.”
T. Ryan: “Yes you-con? More like Yes you-Kev. The Huskies are back on top.” Then we all debate on Twitter as to whether or not Nantz should be fired.
Glasspiegel: “The Huskies have been put down.” (not really, but Twitter would hang him if he did that).

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