Roundup: Stephen Colbert Replacing Dave Letterman; Lorde Sings with Nirvana; 12-Day Simpsons Marathon Coming to FXX

Roundup: Stephen Colbert Replacing Dave Letterman; Lorde Sings with Nirvana; 12-Day Simpsons Marathon Coming to FXX


Roundup: Stephen Colbert Replacing Dave Letterman; Lorde Sings with Nirvana; 12-Day Simpsons Marathon Coming to FXX

jessicacribbon3Jessica Cribbon … Stephen Colbert is going to replace David Letterman on the Late Show. (Here’s how he and Jon Stewart reacted to the news.) … Chimps got loose at the Kansas City Zoo! … This is a crazy story, even by Florida standards. … Katherine Heigl is suing Duane Reade for $6 million (because of a tweet.) … Producer on Daniel Tosh’s show mistakenly shot dead by LA Sheriff’s Deputy. … More complaints and problems for the Huy Fong Sriracha plant. … Michael Bradley and Jermain Defoe ($6 million per year) are the highest-paid players in MLS. … “Romantic Pictures from Russian Dating Sites.”  … Cra-zy story: man found in snowdrift in Norway, lapses into coma and wakes up with absolutely no idea who he is. … Ohio man plead guilty for attempting to buy a 10-year-old girl for sex. … Incarcerated gang member allegedly has father of assistant DA kidnapped, threatens to return him to wife in six boxes. … E-Cigs have their own sets of dangers. …. The Haian gibbon could be first ape species made extinct by mankind. … Here’s a cool chart mapping out all the varieties of whiskey out there. … Could too much jogging lead to a lower lifespan? … Alabama linebacker arrested for DUI. … Kentucky coaches pocketed almost $800K in tournament bonuses. … This is funny although I’m not offering any snide commentary on it. … Another report that the Copa America is coming to America in 2016. … These Jeopardy contestants obviously never played video games.  … Happy birthday: Harley Race (71); Michael Ray Richardson (59); Bret Saberhagen (50); Dustin Rhodes (45); Jason Varitek (42); Jennifer Esposito (41); Tricia Helfer(40); Mark Teixeira (34); Alessandra Ambrosio (33). … Enjoy the weekend. The temperature is rising across most of America, so remember to stay hydrated

Note to self: Don’t fly your homemade plan over Indonesian airspace. [Hyper Vocal]

Real Madrid/Bayern Munich & Chelsea/Atletico Madrid are your Champions League semifinal pairings. [ESPNFC]

Joel Embiid’s path to the top of the NBA Draft is much different than his peers. [Slam Online]

An interview Ellis Mbeh, the face of “21-1”. [WWE]

Daniel Synder keeps making mistake after mistake. [Grantland]

FXX will air a 12-day marathon of The Simpsons comprising the series entire run of 522 episodes, about time. [Rolling Stone]

Actor Christopher Evan Welch died before his potential big break on Silicon Valley. [Vulture]

The stat guys vs. basketball guys rivlary is, apparently, overblown. [FiveThirtyEight]

An interview with a college football “bag man.” [SB Nation]

Fox is bringing in Piers Morgan for its FA Cup coverage. Some say it’s yet another move that shows how out of touch the network is with its viewers. [World Soccer Talk]

Father recreates classic album covers with his sons. (Good job outta him!) [Pigeons and Planes]

Here’s what happened to Jobu from Major League after the movie was done filming. [Big League Stew]

The greatest wrestler from each state. [Mandatory]

In-market streaming for MLB game remains a work in progress. [SBJ]

10 signs your girlfriend is cheating on you. [BroBible]

‘B-Stylers are Japanese Teens who want to be black’ [Vice, obs]

With the release of RBI Baseball 14 this week, let’s remember the best sports video game drinking game, ever. [Dee-Nee]

A trip to the Frozen Four in Philly. [700 Level]

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony was last night in Brooklyn. Lorde (and others) fronted Nirvana. This video will probably be taken down soon, so watch it while you can, if it interests you.

22 Jump Street trailer

Model Bombing? (Via Hollywood Tuna)

Here’s a fight at a Houston area Chacho’s restaurant …

… and a woman being mugged on live TV in Brazil.

Another, creative, Rust Cohle parody.


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