Could Sting Actually Fight The Rock at Wrestlemania XXXI?

Could Sting Actually Fight The Rock at Wrestlemania XXXI?


Could Sting Actually Fight The Rock at Wrestlemania XXXI?


Before we get started with this post, let’s talk a little bit about the pro wrestling internet rumor mill. The churn is almost entirely unverified and circuitous, and sometimes the WWE will even deliberately leak fake stuff to mess with their most engaged fans. It’s a vicious cycle, and it’s rare that one will glean any truly valuable information from the “rags”, as they’re called.

Anyways, citing a paywalled podcast from Wrestling News World, Wrestlechat says the possibility of a WrestleMania XXXI match — basically a year from now — between Sting and The Rock is being “discussed”. It’s been rumored (there we go again) for a little while that Sting will sign with the WWE, and that idea was given more credence recently when former announcer Jim Ross wrote a blog post about how the organization would go about booking the legendary wrestler’s storylines. (Though J.R. was still unable and/or unwilling to confirm the signing, because wrestling. Also, he advocated for the match to put over a younger opponent, so who knows.)

I know Sting’s been around TNA for much of the past decade, and I’m admittedly ignorant of what his work’s been like since WCW got bought out by Vince McMahon, but I’m skeptical about how nimble he could be in the ring at 55 years old. (For comparison’s sake, The Undertaker, who’s participated in WrestleMania and little, if anything, else for years now, is 49.)

Nevertheless, any angle involving Sting would be intriguing because he’s probably the most prolific wrestler of the modern era never to fight in the WWE/F (his match against Ric Flair on the final episode of WCW Monday Nitro, in which WWF had just bought the organization, notwithstanding). The Rock’s made the most of his wrestling appearances in recent years, so any feud between the two of them would be pretty fun — if only for nostalgia’s sake.

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