You Can Attend Tonight's Hawks-Pacers Game For About $10

You Can Attend Tonight's Hawks-Pacers Game For About $10


You Can Attend Tonight's Hawks-Pacers Game For About $10

Atlanta Hawks v Indiana Pacers - Game One

The Indiana Pacers have been reeling, entering the Playoffs on a 10-13 stretch. They got beaten soundly by Atlanta in Game 1, and there really wasn’t anything that one could take out of their loss to believe they could turn it around — Paul George and Roy Hibbert have looked like their talent got jacked by the Space Jam aliens, body language was horrible all-around, and their fans are speaking with their wallets. As of 10 AM Eastern, this was their StubHub status:

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 8.57.28 AM

Now, obviously few things are less fun than watching your team mired in a free-fall, but these prices still seem a bit low (when these sorts of things happen in baseball, people forecast the death of the sport). The Pacers were right in the middle of the pack in home attendance this past regular season.

These are the StubHub get-in prices for the next games in other arenas (as of about 10 AM Eastern):

Pacers @ Hawks (Game 3, Thursday): $31.11
Thunder @ Grizzlies (Game 3, Thursday): $49.84
Grizzlies @ Thunder (Game 5, Next Tuesday): $64.40
Clippers @ Warriors (Game 3, Thursday): $150.01
Warriors @ Clippers (Game 5, Next Tuesday): $62.32
Nets @ Raptors (Game 2, Tonight): $101.99
Raptors @ Nets (Game 3, Friday): $91.44
Wizards @ Bulls (Game 2, Tonight): $45.68
Bulls @ Wizards (Game 3, Friday): $94.56
Bobcats @ Heat (Game 2, Wednesday): $78.96
Heat @ Bobcats (Game 3, Saturday): $80.00
Trailblazers @ Rockets (Game 2, Wednesday): $133.13
Rockets @ Trailblazers (Game 3, Friday): $88.32
Mavericks @ Spurs (Game 2, Wednesday): $37.55
Spurs @ Mavericks (Game 3, Saturday): $54.00

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