Which Baseball Team Does Your Hometown Root For?

Which Baseball Team Does Your Hometown Root For?


Which Baseball Team Does Your Hometown Root For?


A couple weeks ago, Facebook released a map marking which counties in America root for which Major League Baseball team ahead of Opening Day. Thursday The New York Times did it one better, taking the data and creating a map by zip code to paint a more accurate picture of which region of the country roots for which team, getting down to a real micro level in the process.

It’s well worth a couple minutes of your free time to poke around at.

Some interesting, quick takeaways include:

  • The Yankees trump the Mets everywhere in New York, even at the Corona Park chop shops ringing Citi Field.
  • The Giants beat the Athletics across the entire Bay Area, including San Jose — the A’s long-standing relocation target.
  • As in politics, Ohio remains a battleground state with allegiances split between the Tigers, Indians, Reds and Pirates.
  • Unlike the Mets or A’s, the White Sox do beat out the Cubs in popularity across a section of Chicago.
  • Less than a decade after moving from Montreal, the Nationals have eaten into the Orioles popularity in the Mid-Atlantic region.
  • Sooner or later, everyone is probably going to cave and become Yankees fans.

The entire map is fascinating. You’ll at least want to look up your hometown Zip Code and see what the data says about it. Or you can just ignore it since we know in the year 2014 nobody actually likes professional baseball anymore regardless of what the data used to make this map says.

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[Graphic via NYT]

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