Roundup: Michael Jackson's New Song; High School Prank Goes Wrong; Frat Bros Graffiti Dead Whale

Roundup: Michael Jackson's New Song; High School Prank Goes Wrong; Frat Bros Graffiti Dead Whale


Roundup: Michael Jackson's New Song; High School Prank Goes Wrong; Frat Bros Graffiti Dead Whale

ashlyncoray3Ashlyn Coray … High school prank in Teaneck, N.J., leads to 62 arrests; prank included peeing in hallways and taping hot dogs to lockers. … The Canadiens beat the Bruins in double-overtime, take 1-0 series lead. … Head of the Los Angeles chapter of the NAACP resigns following Donald Sterling snafu. … This is what Amazon’s smart phone miiiiight look like! … Jennifer Lawrence is FHM’s Sexiest Woman of the Year. (Who knew FHM still existed?) … Dead blue whale that washed ashore near small Canadian town is causing all sorts of problems, in that, it’s so rotten it could explode. (H/T Wayne Fontes Safari) … Speaking of dead whales, one turned up in Atlantic City, too. AND frat clowns decided to spray paint it. … If you’re going to miss The Newsroom, this post might interest you. … You’ll raise an eyebrow that this company has secured $8 million in funding. … Michael McKean joins the case of Better Call Saul. … Husband of cheerleading coach arrested on accusation of raping 13-year-old cheerleader.  … The cast of Mean Girls 10 years later. … Massachusetts town finally lifts its ban on Pac Man. (This guy applauds the decision.) … Terry Richardson photographing Rita Ora, does that interest people in a NSFW kind of way?  … Or Kate Upton in sunglasses? … Engelbert Humperdinck (78); Jeff Agoos (46); Dwayne Johnson (42); David Beckham (39); Brian Cardinal (37); Melvin Ely (36); Lily Allen (29); Paul George (24). … The weather is getting warmer. Try to knock it out of the park this weekend. Remember if you believe in yourself, you can achieve almost anything.

The Thunder blew out the Grizzlies in Memphis to force a Game 7. [The Oklahoman]

Warriors 100, Clippers 99, Game 7 on Saturday. [LA Times]

And finally, Pacers forced a Game 7 vs. the Hawks, too. [CBS]

Fun fact: (English) Premier League teams combined for nearly $4.5 billion in income, but most clubs still lost money. [The Guardian]

The best thing you’re going to read about a pool hustler today. [Chicago Reader]

Were the Marlins stealing the Braves signs? [AJC]

Did surreal scenes like this play out before everyone carried a cell phone camera? [Bro Bible]

Warren G and Michael McDonald talk Regulate 20 years later. Smoothest song of the 90s? [Billboard]

Ever wondered what a WWE script looked like? Here ya go! [The Week]

Deep read on a different form of segregation in education, through prism of Tuscaloosa, Ala., school system. [The Atlantic]

“Adam Sandler might also be the most important American comedian of his generation.” (Pure trolling here?) [Vulture]

Something is certainly rotten with Twitter lately, however I’m not sure this attempt to “eulogize” it hits the nail on the head. [Atlantic]

In case you needed confirmation Paul Verhoeven’s Robocop is a great film, this will remind you. [Deja Reviewer]

“The War on Ice Cream Men.” [Vice]

(Attention-seeking) College professor decides to live in a dumpster. [XoJane]

What happens to Orlando Magic owner Rich DeVos post-Donald Sterling. [Orlando Sentinel]

Would you trust your offense with Johnny Manziel? [MMQB]

A perfect primer for summer rec softball season. /wipes away tear. [700 Level]

Michael Jackson posthumously released a new track.

The Simpsons Lego episode might be worth recording.


In honor of the Rock’s birthday. (GIF here.)

Tom Shieber of the Baseball Hall of Fame recently found this newsreel footage of the 1919 World Series. 

Wes Anderson mix tape.

Steely Dan

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