Colt Lyerla Signs With Packers; Writer Laments Going to "Gutter" to Win

Colt Lyerla Signs With Packers; Writer Laments Going to "Gutter" to Win


Colt Lyerla Signs With Packers; Writer Laments Going to "Gutter" to Win

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Colt Lyerla, the former Oregon tight end who quit the team last October and was subsequently arrested for cocaine possession, signed with the Packers Monday as an undrafted free agent. Almost immediately after the acquisition, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel’s Bob McGinn ran pre-Draft quotes from seven anonymous scouts that highlighted Lyerla’s trouble and talent. One said he was staying away because “I wouldn’t do that to my owner” while another made comparisons to you-know-who:

“He’s the wild card in this whole thing. Extremely talented kid. Quit the team this year. Has had multiple off-the-field issues. Just a real nightmare in that regard. Is he going to be the Aaron Hernandez kind of player, a first-round talent that somebody gets in the fourth round? Colt quit. Aaron played. It’s hard to justify all the quitting.”

McGinn, who was the 2011 recipient of the 2011 PFWA Dick McCann Memorial Award, had his own thoughts about the signing:

As McGinn implies in that final tweet, it’s a bit rich for the other 31 teams to be questioning Green Bay’s leadership. Who amongst them hasn’t taken a flier on a purportedly elite talent with character risks? As a Packers fan, I’m not sure exactly how I feel about it. I’d like to think I believe in second chances, and the group that the franchise has in place to discern whether their acquisitions are deserving of them or not, but would I have had the same liberal reaction if Lyerla signed with the Lions or Vikings? I honestly don’t know.

Nevertheless, while McGinn has certainly been very critical of the Packers organization, especially in the last year or two, I can’t recall his questioning their integrity like this before.

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