FIFA's Official World Cup Bus Slogans Read Like Rejected Game of Thrones Lines

FIFA's Official World Cup Bus Slogans Read Like Rejected Game of Thrones Lines


FIFA's Official World Cup Bus Slogans Read Like Rejected Game of Thrones Lines


The FIFA World Cup™ is a great time for sports, but it’s also a great time for marketing brand managers. Take the buses the 32 teams will use to motor around the geographically vast nation of Brazil. FIFA found a way to increase its brand and one of its sponsors through the “Be There With Hyundai Contest” where fans got to determine a nifty slogan for each team’s ride via an online vote.

The results are … pretty hilarious, if unintentionally. Many of the 32 entrants sound like “the words” of the various major houses on Game of Thrones. Given the worldwide popularity for a show about dragons, swords and casual nudity, this shouldn’t be too unexpected.

If you’re really into branding or buses, the full list can be found here. I’d like to highlight a couple of the more noteworthy (with some Internet-approve snark.)

  • Bosnia & Herzegovnia: ZMAJEVI U SRCU…ZMAJEVI NA TERENU!/DRAGONS IN HEART, DRAGONS ON THE FIELD! (Dracarys would been easier for the graphics department, right?)
  • Cameroon: UN LION DEMEURE UN LION/A lion remains a Lion (Even Tyrion Lannister?)
  • Crotia: S VATROM U SRCIMA ZA HRVATSKU SVI KAO JEDAN!/WITH FIRE IN OUR HEARTS, FOR CROATIA ALL AS ONE! (Can we translate this into old Valryian for House Targaryen?)
  • Portugual: O PASSADO É HISTÓRIA, O FUTURO É A VITÓRIA/The past is history. The future is victory. (Actually this would be a pretty good battlecry.)

These really have nothing to do with Game of Thrones, but are still (mildly) amusing:

  • Australia: SOCCEROOS: HOPPING OUR WAY INTO HISTORY! (Never forget: Aussies have the best sense of humour humor.)
  • France: IMPOSSIBLE N’EST PAS FRANCAIS/ IMPOSSIBLE IS NOT A FRENCH WORD (This one hurts my brain thinking about it. Please tell this to the 2010 edition of Les Bleus, or Samir Nasri’s girlfriend.)
  • Netherlands: Echte mannen dragen oranje/REAL MEN WEAR ORANGE (Not terrible.)
  • Russia: НАС НЕ ДОГОНЯТ!!!/No one can catch us (Or else Putin is going to …?)

And yes, here’s the American bus slogan which sounds exactly like something you’d see trying to sell a Ford F-150 truck: UNITED BY TEAM, DRIVEN BY PASSION


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