Roundup: Woman Arrested with .439 Percent BAC; The Wonder Years Cast Reunites; Fun New Web Jobs

Roundup: Woman Arrested with .439 Percent BAC; The Wonder Years Cast Reunites; Fun New Web Jobs


Roundup: Woman Arrested with .439 Percent BAC; The Wonder Years Cast Reunites; Fun New Web Jobs

Around Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim 2014 - Day 4Danielle Knudson … Iowa City woman arrested with blood alcohol level of .439 percent. … Rory McIlory shot a 9-under round Friday. … Rangers beat the Canadiens to advance to the Stanley Cup finals, both NYC tabs used the same pun for a headline. … Another twist: Donald Sterling deemed mentally unfit, can’t prevent sale of Clippers. … Boston Police is on the hunt for a person who breaks into homes and tickles feet while they’re asleep. … Girl wins year’s supply of Coors Light after jumping off a cliff. … Students in Utah are upset their yearbooks photos were altered to add more clothing. … Interesting map comparing each state’s largest immigrant population in 1910 to what it was in 2010. … Interested in cold beer and (maybe) helping the environment? Here’s a product for you! … My brief career writing headlines for the NYT lasted all of one day. Oops. … Grandmother of Packers player in critical condition following accidental shooting. … German soccer player admits to “underperforming” during a match-fixing trial. … If you’re into weird/odd/(IMO) disgusting food pictures, this is the website for you. … Cracking “glass” at the Willis Tower observation deck terrifies California family (and me reading it). … Chart-lovers: mapping out the best and worst celebrity first pitch attempts. … Here’s a very important link to what Jessica Simpson is looking like these days. … Kid doodles on father’s passport, creates all sorts of problems. … Happy Birthday: Gale Sayers (71); P. J. Carlesimo (65); Stephen Tobolowsky (63); Jake the Snake (59); Ted McGinley (56); Tom Morello (50); Billy Donovan (49); Manny Ramirez (42); CeeLo Green (39); Steven Gerrard (34). … Have fun this weekend, but try not to overdo it

What’s up with Edward Snowden taking time to ‘dis the second season of The Wire? [Hyper Vocal]

“How the P.K. Subban tweets became a digital wildfire” [Boston Globe]

Is personal statistician the next trend for NBA players? [NYT]

Very fun interactive graphic of all-time World Cup uniforms. [Guardian]

The most essential (Wu Tang Clan) chart ever produced. [Throw Up Your Ws]

After 20 years as the “face of baseball” we still don’t know all that much about Derek Jeter. [Sports on Earth]

This is a fun sign to bring to a Bruce Springsteen concert. (Safe bet her dad is a member of the BBWAA, right?) [BroBible]

Some “mindblowing” new media jobs. (Bravo to the author of this. Standing ovation in fact.) [Medium]

Absolutely amazing rundown of the t-shirts on offer at the Jersey Shore this summer. [Philly Mag]

“12 Things You Didn’t Know Were Illegal.” [Guyism]

Shelly Sterling once posed as a fake health inspector, among other things. [LA Times]

Another less-than-ringing endorsement for FOX’s future World Cup coverage. [Salt Lake City Tribune]

Contrasts: Lake Superior had record high temperatures, but still loads of ice on its surface. [WaPost]

Birdseye view of the Manitou Incline — a popular hiking trail in Colorado — produces some impressive footage. [The Gazette via SROD]

Care to see what transpires at a “Heavy Metal festival” through the prism of Instagram? Hint: there’s a dude in a chicken costume. [Metal Injection]

Good read on how video games like Candy Crush are swindling people via microtransactions. [The Baffler]

Kliff Kingsbury and Davis Webb appear to be a good match. [Fox Sports]

The cast of The Wonder Years hung out. Paul is definitely not Marilyn Manson. [Uproxx]

If you’re in the mood to read about Evan Turner today, this is for you. [700 Level]

This guy turned himself into Pyro from the X-Men. Looks very safe.

Driving a car in Russia remains one of the most dangerous things on the planet.

Jake the F’n Snake.

Michael McDonald + Grizzly Bear

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