Roundup: What Happened to Delonte West?; 'Creeper' Banned from Beach; Finding the Best Burrito in America

Roundup: What Happened to Delonte West?; 'Creeper' Banned from Beach; Finding the Best Burrito in America


Roundup: What Happened to Delonte West?; 'Creeper' Banned from Beach; Finding the Best Burrito in America

"The Search" Premiere - The 67th Annual Cannes Film FestivalIzabel Goulart … Virginia man banned from beach for being a “habitual creeper.’ … The Astros took high school lefty Brady Aiken No. 1 in the MLB Draft Thursday night. … Wisconsin spending $6.2 million on a WiFi network for Camp Randall Stadium. … WWII vet parachutes onto Utah Beach on 70th anniversary of D-Day. … Ghostbusters is going to get a theatrical re-release in August. … Brazil’s World Cup stadiums via Google street view. … 112-foot Lego tower built in Budapest. … If you donate $20,000 to George RR Martin’s wolf sanctuary, he’ll write you into A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones). … Phoenix proposes laws to curb private golf course blight. … Man in gorilla suit at zoo mistaken for actual gorilla, shot with tranquilizer. … Carmen Electra is still performing on stage. … If you live in LA, ‘A Night of 1,000 Bob Segers‘ sounds like it could be fun. … Happy Birthday: Robert Englund (67); Björn Borg (58); Cam Neely (49); Paul Giamatti (47); Junichi Tazawa (28); Julian Green (19). … Enjoy the weekend. Don’t do anything crazy, however.

A well-done oral history on former No. 1 draft pick Brien Taylor. [ESPN New York]

Super-deep read on why Delonte West isn’t in the NBA. [Slate]

Not embeddable, but take five minutes to watch this piece on the creator of the “Tank Chair” wheelchair. [Business Week]

NCAA Football teams can make a nice chunk of change playing non-conference guarantee games vs. Big Ten institutions. [Fox Sports]

“How Comments Shape Perceptions of Sites’ Quality—and Affect Traffic” [The Atlantic]

Mark Zuckerberg could afford to buy every home in St. Paul, Minn. [BroBible]

“Maybe this is what the world, or at least the local NFL team, needs: more loose screws.” [Denver Post]

The 10 most promising cable dramas of 2015. [Pajiba]

Nate Silver went to ESPN … to write scientifically … about the “Best Burritos in America.” What a world we live in. [Five Thirty Eight]

A quick look back/assessment of the first season of Silicon Valley. [Splitsider]

You’ll never believe where Bill Simmons went. [The Onion]

Does WWE have an announcing problem? [Guyism]

31-year-old guy is dating a 91-year-old woman. [HyperVocal]

Animated history of the United States at the World Cup is clever. [The Guardian]

Looks like a Louisiana paper whiffed on its report questioning the resume of “Quarterback Guru” George Whitfield. [Fox Sports]

Here’s Philip Rivers wearing a mullet wig playing softball. [Deadspin]

The Top XI Things to Look Forward to at the World Cup. [700 Level]

Another quick teaser trailer for Sharknado 2. (Fingers crossed for a Bartolo Colon cameo.)

A really bad Wheel of Fortune guess. (Title dubs it the WORST EVER.)

“Bad British Hockey Commentary.”

Keith Olbermann’s segment on the ‘Epic Wonder’ lack of interest in the MLB Draft was fairly spot-on.

Michael Bradley did a SportsCenter commercial.

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