Roundup: Police Chase on the Links; Mother Gives Infant Booze in Sippy Cup; Loaded Doritos

Roundup: Police Chase on the Links; Mother Gives Infant Booze in Sippy Cup; Loaded Doritos


Roundup: Police Chase on the Links; Mother Gives Infant Booze in Sippy Cup; Loaded Doritos

lenzi1Gabriella Lenzi, Neymar’s  girlfriend (?). … Cavs reportedly have offered coaching job to David Blatt, a Euroleague icon. … Chelsea Handler is going to host a talk show on Netflix. … The two rival TV newscopter pilots who covered the OJ Simpson chase in 1994 are now transgender women.  … Man accidentally shoots himself in penis. … How does something like this even happen?… Pennsylvania woman gives 13-month-old booze in sippy cup, results in .289 BAC. … Women love this guy’s mugshot (I’m sure you’ve been unable to avoid this one.)  … Father who left 22-month-old in hot car charged with murder. … More stomach-turning parenting: woman accused of branding her children.  … Former “hero” sheriff from Colorado gets prison time for meth possession. … A map of Chick-Fil-As across the United States. … This World Cup-inspired Tumblr is amazing. … Breaking Bad spinoff Better Call Saul gets renewed for a second season — first season airs in 2015! … Emmy Rossum went to the gym. People took pictures. … Seven-year-old just gets out of the hospital and thieves steal his pet pug.  … Happy Birthday: John Goodman (62); Koko B. Ware (57); Don West (51); Nicole Kidman (47); Robert Rodriguez (46); LaVar Arrington (36); Aleksei Berezutski, Vasili Berezutski (32); Darren Sproles (31); Asmir Begović (27).

“Eventually you are all cried out.” — a very good profile of Dwayne Johnson. [Hollywood Reporter]

Loaded Doritos spotted at 7-11s in Dallas. [Texas Monthly]

Chile blew the top off a mountain to build an extremely large telescope. [Business Insider]

“Unauthorized” movie about the Saved by the Bell cast coming to Lifetime Labor Day weekend. [Variety]

Small school in Michigan has been making music videos using American Sign Language for years. [HyperVocal]

A look at the NYC high school cricket championship. [ESPN New York]

“The Secret to Getting Top-Secret Secrets” [Medium]

Ben & Jerry’s creates two SNL-inspired flavors. The inspiration? (you’ll have to click, sorry for baiting you.) [Warming Glow]

The Celtics rebuild probably won’t include Kevin Love. [Boston Herald]

In praise of Riki-Oh (one of my favorites). [DS Concourse]

“The zombie spaceship is coming home.” [NYT]

Here’s something on Peyton Manning golfing, if it interests you. [WSJ]

“Atlanta Falcons: The World’s Team?” [Vice Sports]

Eastern Michigan’s new field is, umm, quite gray. [Bro Bible]

Yoga “phenom” Kino MacGregor is quite flexible. [Guyism]

Interested in hearing Jerry Seinfeld sing? [Splitsider]

Need any more reasons to “hate” Cristiano Ronaldo? [700 Level]


Police chase on golf course in North Dakota. [via the Other Paper]

In high school Clayton Kershaw once struck out all 15 batters for a perfect game. (Warning: video uploaded in 2012!)

Doug McDermott playing Horse vs. 99 people. I don’t know how it applies to his draft stock.


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