Roundup: USA - Germany Match Day, NBA Draft Day, Tyson Chandler Trade, Eli Wallach Died

Roundup: USA - Germany Match Day, NBA Draft Day, Tyson Chandler Trade, Eli Wallach Died


Roundup: USA - Germany Match Day, NBA Draft Day, Tyson Chandler Trade, Eli Wallach Died

heidy-de-la-rosaHeidy De La Rosa … man calls 999 to complain about McDonald’s ingredients … baby boomers are still having sex … Does The Dog Die … Denver EPA office needs to ask employees to stop pooping in the hallEli Wallach died Tuesday at 98 … Dallas County has more gun stores than museums and libraries … Spanish teacher arrested for sexual relationship with 15-year old student … HIV/AIDS grant money used to open strip club … concert goers hospitalized in Boston … Breaking Bad is the most binge-watched shownever Ghana vie you up… moving a paralyzed hand with the power of thoughtrare white whale spotted of the coast of Australia … a SWAT team hit a baby with a flash grenade … Twitter experimenting with new RT functionClickhole, I love you … cat stands on cop’s shoulders during investigation … NBC will offer Pippa Middleton a correspondent role … Chrissy Teigen on the cover of GQ Mexico … Nick Offerman and Derek Jeter among those celebrating birthdays today… U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!

Jurgen Klinsmann has excused you from work today. [Facebook]

Time starts a sports network that is not Sports Illustrated. [New York Times]

The Park in Arlington serves something called a “boomstick.” []

World Cup flop rankings. [Wall Street Journal]

Don’t worry – top-5 NBA Draft busts aren’t that bad! [Washington Post]

Play Pacman, but as Luis Suarez. [Biteman]

The University of Michigan has alienated their fans and ticket sales have suffered. [The Post Game]

Rick Vanderhook, the Cal State Fullerton coach got suspended this year. Here are the secretively recorded videos that probably did it. [Deadspin]

There was a 6-player trade between the Mavs and Knicks. [USA Today]

Paul George travels too much to be a primary caregiver according to paternity suit. [NY Daily News]

Steve Spurrier taking shots at Nick Saban which means they’ll probably play in December. []

Tim Brando left the SEC Network for FOX Sports.[Times-Picayune]

NASL soccer player stomps opponents face. [Pro Soccer Talk]

A gallery of Felice Herig who appears on this season of The Ultimate Fighter. [Guyism]

Wright Thompson on Luis Suarez. [ESPN]

The intricacies of scuffing a baseball. [FOX Sports]

15 of the worst pro wrestling gimmick costumes. [Cage Potato]

These two Orioles fans voted for the All-Star game 38,000 times. [City Paper]

Will your team sign LeBron James? [SportsPickle]

Here’s a profile of a wingsuit pilot. [via @RyHudson]

Two teenagers are in the hospital following concussions suffered playing rugby.

The second trailer for Georgia football player Chris Conley’s upcoming Star Wars film.

Pugs of Westeros. YES!

A documentary about dudes who love My Little Pony…

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